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Create a custom invitation code for inviting others to join


You know by now how easy it is to invite people to the site and get points for them joining, but we’ve added something new to make it even easier and better.

Normally, you go to the “My Community :: Invite Others To Join NASP” menu link and generate an email with a referral code. The unique referral code on each invitation lets us track when that individual joins to give you points for it.

Now you can setup a “Custom Invitation Code” which makes it easy to receive the credit for others joining without having to explicitly send an invite from the site. Put that custom code on your business card, personal website, Facebook page, whatever. Instruct people to put that code in the “Invitation Code” box when joining and BAM…instant NASP point credits are awarded.

Of course if you setup a custom code, we’ll be expecting a flood of new members to join with it. Your influence skills will come in handy.

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