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Creating Balance to Find Success

As a busy sales professional, you spend a lot of time focused on your career and your sales team’s success. Like other successful professionals, you may realize you neglect other areas of your life, like your mindset, health, and relationships. 

In order to achieve at your highest level, you want to show up in your Ultimate Performance State as much as possible, which means you need to balance all areas of your life. If you want to achieve the goals you have set for yourself in your career, you not only need to be focused on your work, but you also need to have mental clarity to execute the tasks in front of you, good health to have the energy to work long hours, and relationships that support you. If any one area of your life is taking over and not leaving enough time to support the other areas, eventually all areas will suffer. 

Let’s take a closer look at three key areas in your life: mindset, health, and relationships. Do you have goals set for each area? If so, are they aligned to complement each other? 



Your mindset is a mental attitude that predetermines your responses to and interpretations of situations. To reach your next level of growth in any area of your life you need to create a mindset that supports the growth you are seeking. Everything starts on a mental level before it gets to a physical level. Your identity, purpose, value, and strategy must align to have the mindset you need to achieve the results you desire. 



The strongest force in human nature is to stay consistent with the identity you hold of yourself. Your identity is your unconscious understanding of yourself. Your identity is composed of relatively permanent self-assessments, such as personality attributes, knowledge of your skills and abilities, your occupation, your hobbies, and your awareness of your physical attributes.

You have an identity in every area of your life, whether or not you are consciously aware of it. Identity is at the foundation of everything. 



This is the reason anything is done or not done. Your purpose is the leverage or the “why” behind results; it’s the gas that fuels the engine. Utilizing your individual purpose or leverage allows a dream, hope, or wish to turn into a passionate, motivating, and compelling journey toward your ultimate visions. 

There are two motivating forces of leverage when it comes to making decisions or taking action: 1) moving away from pain and 2) moving toward pleasure. Either leverage point can be more dominant in one’s nature or decision making style and can be recognized at an early age based on patterns and conditioning. 

When you are motivated by avoiding pain, you take action in response to the anticipated consequences or fear of something being painful if you did not take action. When you are motivated by pleasure, you recognize opportunities to feel and be your best and to take proactive action. 

As humans, we do more to avoid emotional pain than physical pain, indicating that our emotions are more motivating than any physical desire. By deepening your purpose and connecting with it regularly, you support your mind in becoming more emotionally engaged and therefore more motivated. 



As you serve others and create added value, your consciousness expands, and abundance will come your way. You have infinite capability to deliver value to this world; the more value you provide, the more you grow your worth. Maximize your resources and limitless creativity to generate the life you desire. Lead with abundance and gratitude, focusing on what you want and have versus what you lack, putting more attention and energy to what you give than what you get. When you offer exponential value in everything you do, it comes back to you emotionally and physically. 

Money never leads; it always follows the provided value.



Deciding to consistently support your health and energy allows you to use everything that comes your way as a catalyst for growth. Everything visible in the physical world was created in the mental world first. Your body is a direct reflection of your unconscious identity, beliefs, and focus. As you grew up, you witnessed your family’s commitment to health, and their overall level of health; you heard and noticed how people around you talked about their physical health, and how people spoke about being physically healthy or unhealthy. A belief does not require immediate results to be real; it is real for you. You are what you believe, thus you become what you believe. What you believe is your choice. 

Your nutrition is an imperative piece to evolving your health. To empower the next evolution of your mental, emotional, and physical health, being intentional about what you give your body for fuel is critical. 

Building and maintaining your physical flexibility, posture, and endurance are essential for optimal health. Physical flexibility is the quality of having full range of motion in your physical body with ease and without straining. Physical posture refers to the structural positioning of your body: head, shoulders, hips, and ankles in proper position and alignment. Physical endurance involves training your body to exert itself and remain active for long periods of time. It is also your ability to resist, withstand, and quickly recover from trauma, wounds, or fatigue.



Any person you spend time with will either impact and influence you, or you will impact and influence them. When you are a wonderful influence in people’s lives, you become someone that people always want to be around; people feel best about themselves when they are with you. In turn, you also feel good about yourself and are able to perform at your best. 

Communication is paramount in all aspects of interaction with others. It may surprise you that 55% of communication is conveyed by your physiology or body language. More impactful than your actual words is how you carry yourself. Your body is always communicating something. Your physical expression, or the effects of it, can even be heard over the phone; 38% of all communication is conveyed through your tone. It’s not only what you say, but how you say it. Think for a moment how you express yourself with your tone of voice. Only 7% of all communication comes from your words.

Connection is the pulse of your relationship with yourself and with others. When your heart pulse is strong and consistent, you know that you are in good health. The same holds true in your relationships. A strong connection is not easily broken and can withstand resistance and pressure. 

In order to create and realize a successful career, you must find the balance in all areas of your life. In addition to being focused on your work and career goals, you also need a strong mindset, a healthy body, and meaningful relationships to support you in your professional endeavors. 


About the author

Brooke Dukes is currently supporting NASP as Chief Sales Officer leading strategy and business development. Prior to NASP, Brooke was a multi-million dollar producer and excelled at various executive-level positions in sales and business development, including two Fortune100 companies. She has worked with some of the largest and most successful companies including Lear, General Motors, and United Airlines, and across multiple industries, such as insurance, skincare and cosmetics, technology, and banking.

Brooke has her BS from Michigan State University. She is a mother of two successful children and an avid traveler. Exploring the world and helping people achieve their dreams is her passion. Brooke resides in Austin Tx.