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Crises, Peers and Conditioning: Three Roads to Change, Part II

Last, week, I wrote about the three main avenues to permanent change, discussing the impact of peers as an example.

The other cool route to getting the change one wants is through conditioning, where you focus the actions, habits and beliefs necessary to achieve whatever it is you’re going after.

One of the most effective ways of doing this is through a conditioning process like the 45-Day Challenge. And for those of you who, like me, fall in the stubborn – I’ll change – when – hell – freezes – over – or – Armageddon – happens, then it’s not only systems like the 45-Day Challenge but the additional element of … wait for it… a coach

How do you know if you need a Coach?
You know you need a coach if…
You’ve spent hours, months, years studying, learning and discovering tactics, strategies and all the things necessary – yet haven’t taken any action on what you know.
You’re a “know it all” (be honest with yourself: If this is you, run do not walk to the nearest coach. Stop ‘effin around and get it done”
You’ve started to believe your own stories (read: Bull) about why you’re so special xyz won’t work for you

Stop screwing around. Just. Stop. Take a deep breath, and have the courage to find the best coach on the planet for whatever the hell it is you’re finally ready to conquer and sign yourself.

Case in point: Me. I’ve been fat my whole adult life (no, not obese – the word’s not brutal enough. Let’s call a spade a spade), and no matter what bizarre, logical sounding explanations, excuses, rationales, fantasies, stories I could spin for you to explain it, the bottom line is that I’m overweight and there’s nothing cool, okay, reasonable, valuable or good about. I could give a week long masterclass on the various strategies, tactics and psychological beliefs that are necessary to be a fit person, and as “intelligent” as I am – I’ve taken zero – I repeat – zero effective action to become a person who is fit.

So this past December, I decided to be honest with myself and searched for the best fitness and strength coach on the planet (well, my part of the planet – the East Coast, USA) and I not only found the coach, I contacted her, gave her the complete “history” minus all the bullcrap/justifications/excuses and told her what I wanted. In January, I wrote the check and the process has begun.

And it is a process – that’s the conditioning part of the equation.

If it’s important, and you’re serious, consider getting a coach – they can help you sift through all your crap and help set you up so that your actions, habits and beliefs get aligned with the result you want. Don’t even think about – just do it. Do it today.

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