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Crossing the Chasm: Using Powerful Questions to Improve Sales

One of the benefits to joining NASP is the ability to connect with peers from around the world, who like you are looking for ways to grow as sales professionals as well as get exposure to the latest strategies to improve sales.  This article reveals some of the questions the top sales professionals ask themselves to generate massive success (both personally and professionally).  Want to know what they are?  Read on…
So it’s the beginning of a new quarter and you’re faced with meeting quota.  The key question that haunts you daily:  “How do I improve sales?”  seems to dominate your thoughts.  The top sales professionals know that asking “how” is the wrong question.  The right question is “Who do I need to become to achieve the sales I’m seeking?”
But before we get to this question, we have to find out where we are starting from, and what follows are a series of questions designed to help you figure this out.  Taking the time to answer these questions alone will help you improve sales.

What is the Big Challenge you are facing? 

Usually, the answers are: external; technique-oriented; or situational.  An example:  “I haven’t discovered the way to get myself to do the things I need to do to get the success that I want.”   The key to getting past this is to begin taking full responsibility for where you are and to create a personal commitment to get to the next level.  Another way to tackle this is to turn the question around by asking the following:

Where have I become comfortable in my life, to the point where it’s getting Dangerous?

This speaks to the feeling that you’ve hit a “plateau,” where you’re so comfortable in your current ways, that you may never be able to change it.  Where are you getting too comfortable that it’s impacting your ability to improve sales?  What habits have you established around making sales calls, conducting sales meetings and closing business?  We all have areas in our lives where we’ve become complacent- all of us.

As a sales professional, where would you like your life to be?

What other level would you like to get to, but you can’t figure out how to MOTIVATE yourself and get yourself into action to get there?

How do I make it so that my outcome (to improve sales) is inevitable?

Inevitability is all about conditioning, and conditioning leads to habits.  This sets you up so that what happens becomes automatic.There is a moment, where we reach the point in our lives where we say:  “I’m going to do this thing no matter what it takes, how long it takes.  Whether it’s 5 minutes or 5 years — or the rest of my life — I am doing this — I’m going to figure this out.”

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