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Do You Know Your Style?

One of the most important things a person can do is understand his or her influence style. We never consciously think about how we are being perceived when we are seeking to communicate, most of us have never been trained on how to congruently and effectively communicate what we want people to feel, understand and hear from our communication. Just being aware that there are only 8 styles and you can train or condition yourself to any one of the styles that is crucial to your long-term success.
One of my biggest clients realized that early on in building his business he unconsciously hand picked sales people that fit his leadership style, his culture and his sales process. These sales people became his sales leaders as the company grew from 150 people to 2500 people in 3 years. They were very effective as they continued to personally bring in their style of people. The company decided they needed to grow quickly and hired a company to recruit any and every one; relying on their superior training to integrate people into the culture. It did not work. They did not fit and it became a nightmare. He came to us and we showed him, utilizing our sales assessment, very quickly that his company, culture, process, leadership style all were consistent but the majority of the people coming in were on the opposite side of his present culture. He used the sales assessment and the company has doubled in size and became one of the most dynamic and best companies/organizations to work for in America.
That is one of many examples of how the sales matrix is used to support people in their growth and success. Here are some points to ask yourself or think about:
What culture will support my unique style of influence?
Is the reason I feel stressed in my present environment because I have a different style?
It is good to know that I can train and condition myself to a different style if that is what I feel I need.
It is great to know my style, so I can put myself in the right environment to thrive.
My style has helped me take responsibility and understand how to make it in a culture that might not fit my style.
I make a lot more money, I feel better about my life every day, and I feel that I am growing and supporting others because I found a company to match my style.
Who should I hire? Does it match what I need in my company?

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