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Does Your Business Need A Breakthrough?

How do you create a breakthrough in your business or your life? It’s hard to see the possibility, to see that you can create a breakthrough, especially when times feel hard or tough but what it comes down to is getting out of your own way. How do you stop your own success? Do you sabotage yourself? You can create a breakthrough with intention.

The first step is to listen to your inner dialogue, the statements that get in your way, the internal dialogue that stops you in your tracks. By creating a new paradigm you can shift the old limiting belief system to a new empowering belief system. As a coach and facilitator of this process I have observed client after client make shifts and get out of their own way. By doing just that, they create a breakthrough!

What I have witnessed is people creating break throughs by looking at themselves, their beliefs and their behaviors. How do you do this?

First is understanding: Beliefs lead to behaviors which produce results.

So often, when we aren’t achieving what we want and need we change our behavior. Underlying our behavior are our beliefs. If those beliefs are limiting beliefs then we must shift and change the belief. Since we are in charge of our beliefs we do have the power and the ability to make this change.

First, look at your behaviors.

What are the behaviors that limit your success? Some limiting behaviors that I see with business owners are: procrastination, not following up with leads, not asking for referrals, The next part of the process is to look at the underlying belief. What do you say to yourself about the behaviors? In essence what do say to yourself; that inner voice; that justifies the behavior (the excuses for the behavior). Now, some of these excuses are things that you believe to be true. Perhaps you are telling yourself — they are only going to say no, or I’m not good enough; or they won’t buy.

What are your limiting beliefs? Shift the beliefs.

The key to the breakthrough is to shift the belief. This is more than positive affirmations. This is taking control of your inner dialogue and changing it. Often our inner voice is saying things to us we wouldn’t allow people to say to our children. The trick is to replace the inner dialogue with more empowering dialogue and stop the negative talk. If you are telling yourself you aren’t good enough, then how will people believe you are? In Jinny Ditzler’s book she recommends creating a new empowering paradigm that is positive, short, written in the present tense. A new paradigm for the example we have been working on could be: “I am more than enough”.

How do you live the new paradigm; because that is really the key? It is a great first step to identify how you are getting in your own way or sabotaging yourself. It’s not enough. Creating the new paradigm is another great step. Living the new paradigm is the real key. Read the new empowering belief everyday, several times per day. Use the new words for your inner dialogue when the old inner chatter appears. Take control of the inner dialogue. Post the new empowering paradigm where you can see it several times per day. You can also write about how it is impacting your life. Journal about how changing your paradigm produces different results. Always write in the present tense, as if those results are happening right now. Practice your new paradigm. You can also create a CD with a brief meditation that talks about your new paradigm and the changes that have taken place.

The bottom line is that you are in control of creating the breakthrough. A coach can help you figure out the paradigm, and keep it on track. Use the tools that you have to create your breakthrough results.

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