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Don’t Ignore Call Resistance

Erase It!

Why do you avoid making cold calls? Is it because you hate rejection? Do you feel you’re intruding on someone’s day? Are you shy? Insecure? Do you not believe your service or product has value? Is there another reason?

Call Resistance is real. If your career in sales requires you to make cold calls it’s time to face the issue and dissolve your call reluctance forever.

Everyone knows why we cold call for business. Volumes of books have been written on the subject however if you are in sales and hate to cold call, you’re probably miserable. Guilt, shame, feelings of inadequacy, fear; the list is endless so solve the problem once and for all.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is the answer

. EFT is emotional self-care. It’s been used in healing practices worldwide for about 20 years. Traumatic experiences impact our behavior. Science has proven traumatic memories don’t mature. Trauma, emotional and physical pain can be released. While we’ll remember events, how we feel about those events can be dissolved. We can choose our behavior and live the life we want.

Example: As children our caregivers told us rules to keep us safe and help us fit into society. “Don’t talk to strangers.” “Mind your own business.” As adults with career responsibilities, those rules don’t apply however when we’re called upon to act in ways that are in conflict with those rules, we feel anxious, or afraid.

EFT is an energy therapy. When we feel mental, emotional, or physical pain those feelings block the flow of energy within our bodies. EFT incorporates a tapping sequence on acupoints on the body with a focus on the pain we want to dissolve. Done correctly, the EFT tapping sequence sends vibrations throughout the body and dislodges the pain. It’s emotional acupuncture without needles.

Therapists are having astonishing results with patients who suffer from PTSD. EFT is easy to learn and self-administered. There are practical uses for EFT and it will erase the emotions preventing you from cold calling. We’ve all come in contact with perpetually angry people. They’re reactions are usually disproportionate to the issue. Is road rage really an excuse to run someone off the road or physically assault someone? No.

We know people who feel angry can experience a rise in their blood pressure. Anger can trigger a heart attack. Emotions can cause us to feel sick, trigger a headache, backache, or make us cry. Emotions impact our physical well-being and behavior.

Use EFT to erase the idea that you don’t deserve to be successful or the fear of success. Dissolve insecurities and get rid of false assumptions. You’re able to call family and friends so why not call prospects that need and want your service? EFT will free you from subtle negative self-talk messages that have hounded you for years. Maybe you dad could never give you a compliment and you grew up thinking you’re not worthy or competent. Nonsense! With EFT it’s not necessary to trace a feeling back to the original trauma or pain. All that’s needed is to identify the pain or fear or negative behavior you want erased.

A career in sales offers outstanding rewards. Earn what you deserve to earn. Create the life you dream of and be free from outdated or painful thoughts. Don’t let call reluctance inhibit your performance. You can cold call with confidence. EFT is a tool that delivers peace and healing when you never thought you had issues to heal! Be prosperous and love your sales career.

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