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Every Salesperson is a Small Business

All successful sales personnel are far from being your average employees. For becoming a stellar sales representative the approach must get deeper than just hitting the requisite numbers every month. If you are ready to take your sales career to another level it is time to place yourself in the shoes of a small business owner. You must manage your sales market much the same way a small businessman will manage his business.

Why should salespersons think like small businessmen?

Let’s first understand what it means to think like a businessman or entrepreneur while being a sales rep. It doesn’t matter whether you are managing a specific customer account, a service, or a particular territory; you will always be responsible for some segment of the business for generating revenue. It is a huge responsibility typically more so in a competitive landscape however good sales reps are up for this challenge.

As a businessman working in a market, your attention must be on more things than just the monthly quota that is your target. You need to have a perfect understanding of the goals and how the current events and world events may affect the industry and the clientele. You should also have an eye on what the competitors are offering in terms of products and services to the demographic you have in mind.

If you are thinking like a businessman, the mindset becomes more significant than the skill set. After all, if you have reached this far as a sales rep it means you have the right foundation for selling down. This is the time to expand your knowledge and take your business acumen to another level. Here are some ways of using the entrepreneurial mindset for increasing sales.

  1. Imagine that you own this business

Think about how you will approach your work if you have complete ownership of the business and are accountable for the success and failure of the company. This way you will make the work more serious and do everything possible to avert failure. When you are trying to close a deal, are you doing it to make money for the business or because you are aware of what the manager is expecting from you?

If the latter is the case, it is an employee mindset and involves being motivated by the opinions of the leadership rather than considering what is best for the organization. The former case on the other hand means the mindset of a businessman that is motivated for growing his or her business.

  1. Become an expert

Think like a small business owner that you know. Imagine that you have a query about the product and have gone to the owner for the answer. It is more than likely that the businessmen are experts in the field and can expertly explain why the clientele needs the offer. So, while being a seasoned salesperson it is significant to position yourself in the role of an expert. While talking to a prospect you want them to consider you as the go-to person for the problem they are facing.

  1. Using PEO services to get help

If you are an experienced salesperson you can take advantage of the PEO services to outsource some of the services such as international payroll services. PEOs can help their clientele by using services that: 

  • Reduce the risks.
  • Provide better operational efficiency.
  • Maximize the talent in the company.

Some of the other more specific advantages of using PEO services are,

  • Greater benefits to the employees and better employee experience.
  • Reduction in costs.
  1. Identify the underserved sectors

Small businessmen are continuously looking to find ways of providing new and exciting offers for better customer engagement. Identify the underserved needs of your clientele and try to make offerings that will bridge the gap. Some of the other aspects you need to consider while thinking as an entrepreneur are,

  • Create a plan for developing sales.
  • Engage with the territory communities and regional customers.
  • Be creative.


Although it may appear like a huge shift in the mindset, thinking like a small businessman will unlock an endless number of opportunities for boosting your career in sales. You can also find more sales career development-related advice on the internet. Do not be afraid to try new tactics or think out of the box as it may serve your customers the best.

About the author

Mila Edwin is an adviser for Marketing. She works with many businesses to help them branch in many countries, such as in France, Italy, Switzerland, and the UK. She has experience working in a range of industries and providing technical support in topics such as business growth, market expansion, and product development. She is passionate about languages, traveling, and writing.