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Five Time Management tips to help you get the most out of life

That’s right, time is the most important four letter word when it comes to managing life! It’s all up to you whether you start using time management tips properly today or face the consequences for the rest of your life. How manage your limited time today, may well shape your future-either positively or negatively.

You may not realize it today, but in actuality, if you do not manage your time properly today, you will have nothing to rely on (both materially and non-materially) tomorrow.

Balancing the pressure of the many daily tasks thrown at us, from studies, work, social events and family, is a difficult task without effective time management. There’s simply a lot to do and very little time to do it.

Naturally, when we neglect even one such area of life, we feel stressed out. The issue here is to come up with ways which we can inculcate in our daily lives so that we can at least start managing our time and observe it’s instant positive impact on our lives. After all, who needs the parasite named stress in his or her life?

So, here are a few time management tips which I am sure will give you practical results if implemented with just a bit of seriousness:

  1. Time Management Tip OnePlan ahead. Have a clear idea of all the tasks you want to perform on a given day. For example, if you have to work on a project, which is due to be submitted five days later, don’t busy yourself with that assignment only for five days.

    Instead take a family member to the doctor for an appointment, go through some related reading material or break down the project into small bites while waiting. All the while, keep working on your assignment in bits and make sure that you complete it before the deadline.

  2. Time Management Tip TwoPrioritize and chunk down tasks. Once you have planned what you have to do, it is then time to prioritize all those tasks. While prioritizing, it is extremely helpful to write down a to-do list and number the tasks in accordance to what is most urgent or most important, or both. Try sitting down every evening for ten minutes to create a priority list for the next day.

    Try writing down only six tasks for a day in the start. Writing too many pointers results in the feeling of being overwhelmed.

    Do not forget to chunk down the jobs you are writing in your priority list. Don’t divide your work into over-sized groups.

    If a task on the list does not get completed, transfer it onto the next day’s list.

    Write each day’s to-do list in ten minutes regularly for 21 consecutive days. If you follow the list, you will eventually become the champ of time management in less than a month!

  3. Time Management Tip ThreeStop procrastinating. This is probably the most difficult task, but the reality is that the more you think about how big, monotonous or boring a task is, the more fear sets in. With fear comes procrastination, which in turn, makes your mind go numb. So, don’t think about it, just do it!

    If you do not think and just do something, the worst that could happen is that you might fail and if you fail, you learn. Or at least, you SHOULD learn!

  4. Time Management Tip FourAlways have the big picture in mind. You need to remember what your vision in life is. If you realize at some moment that you are indulging in an activity, which might prove a hindrance in the way of achieving your vision in life, be brave enough to quit it then and there.
  5. Time Management Tip FiveExpect the unexpected. You need to be sharp enough to bring rapid changes to your to-do list in accordance to the situation around you. Panicking never helps. Remember: There is usually no other option but to carry out a certain task.

    Also, often it is the case that it is supposed to be performed by YOU only. When there is no other choice, it is always practical to stop whining and start acting.

Let your time management system capture the nagging little details so that your imagination soars and you become even more creative!

The bottom line – Time is life. Make good use of it!

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