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Getting into Sales?

Why in the World Would Anyone Want to be in Sales?

I have heard many kids say that when they grow up that they want to be doctors or policemen or pilots or even President of the United States. But I have never heard any child say that they want to grow up to be a sales professional.

In fact, many who are in sales are only in the sales industry because they couldn’t find a job doing what they really want to do. Sales teams around the country are filled with people who, though they may enjoy their current positions, wish they were doing something else.

But for those of us who willingly decided to choose sales as our career, there are many reasons why we wouldn’t even think of doing anything else.

Unlimited Income

The ability to earn a substantial and even unlimited income is one of the biggest attractors for many in sales. While any sales professional that focuses solely on making money as opposed to providing exceptional customer service will suffer in sales, the allure of a high income is certainly something that attracts and keeps many in the sales industry.

With many sales positions, income is not limited to just the amount of money earned on paychecks. There seems to always to trips, rewards, prizes and other incentives that sales professionals can win or earn as a result of their performance.


While those in an Inside Sales position may not agree, a position in sales offers a ton of freedom. Those in sales are seldom bound to a set schedule, complete with scheduled breaks, scheduled lunch and scheduled personal time.

Having a flexible schedule and the autonomy to plan and design your own day is one of the best things about being in sales.

However, this freedom can be, and often is, abused. Having the flexibility to schedule your day also comes with the demand that you use your time as productively and as effectively as possible. Use your freedom to run errands is fine on occasion, but making non-sales activities the norm is a great way to end your career in sales.


Sales positions are filled with opportunities to improve both your professional and personal lives. Many sales organizations have structured training programs that their sales professionals attend and there is seemingly no end to training and development opportunities outside of those offered by employers.

The development offered by NASP, for example, is highly regarded as being among the best training for those in sales and has the added benefit of offering strategies and suggestions that often improve the overall life-quality of those devoted to the training program.

Career Mobility and Security

If you are good in sales, you should never be without a job. Good and talented sales professionals are hard to find, making them very valuable to employers. Earn a good reputation in sales and, sooner or later, companies will come looking for you.

At the same time, your current employer will know how valuable you are and will do what it takes to make sure that you don’t have any reasons to start talking to any other company who may be interested in having you on their team.

Lastly, some of the top leaders in companies started as front-line sales professionals. From sales managers to CEO’s, the management ranks are filled with those who, in their hearts, consider themselves to be sales professionals.

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