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How Can IT Contractors Develop Your Site’s Metrics?

If you have a business, you have a website. And attracting visitors to this web page has probably become one of your priorities. But whether this is a simple landing page or a complex website, growing traffic effectively is vital. And this isn’t possible without proper site metrics and a team of IT contractors. So, let’s find out how IT professionals can help.

What Contracted IT Specialists Do

IT contractors are various software developers and network engineers hired by a contract. With these professionals, you can implement technical solutions and fulfill multiple business tasks. Programmers use different platforms and languages to create simple mobile apps and complex systems. And many IT developers prefer contracting because they don’t feel tied to one company or project.

However, this cooperation format is also beneficial for business owners due to several factors. Among them are lower payroll costs, payment only for services you need, and access to top talents. Still, the final budget depends greatly on the service provider you work with, and we’ll cover this issue in the last section of this article. 

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Programmers who work with websites are called web developers, and they fall into two groups. This way, front-end specialists create the design and interface of web pages while back-end devs work out the logic of all the components. These specialists directly impact the way users interact with your internet page. And now, let’s see which are the key metrics of your website performance and how dedicated IT specialists can improve it. 

Improving Your Website’s Engagement Metrics with IT Developers 

At first, it may seem that only your product, its description, and related content can attract your potential clients. However, technical factors are also critical. For example, your ideal client may never read that perfect content if your website loads for five seconds. Below are only some essential website metrics with examples of how developers can enhance these indicators. 

  • The number of visitors. It’s critical to keep an eye on the quantity of new and repeat guests on your website. If the number of first-time visitors grows, your marketing efforts work. The returning visitors prove that your web page is engaging and attractive to them. This opinion is based on its design, structure, and logic, which web programmers are responsible for.
  • Time spent on your website. Catchy copy and value-based offers will keep the page views growing. However, your web resource has to be highly responsive and easy to navigate to motivate people to go to your company page or read about your brand. And again, this won’t work without a top web development team.
  • Bounce rate. This parameter shows how many visitors leave your website after opening only one page. They don’t go to other pages, click the CTA (Call To Action), or complete the contact form. And this can happen because of irrelevant content, poor navigation, outdated design, or broken links. And ensuring top-notch functionality is the task of professional web developers and designers. 

So, by now, you might have decided to hire a web development team. But where will you find an IT contractor? Read on!

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How to Hire an IT Contractor for Your Website

Depending on the scope of your project, your web development team can be numerous or not. And below are six roles that you can consider:

  • A backend developer. This can be a Java, .NET, or PHP programmer. These specialists work with the server-side part of web applications, and PHP seniors are always in high demand.
  • A front-end coder. These specialists work with the visual representation of websites using the HTML and CSS languages. They also embrace user-interaction processes. 
  • A web designer. The UX (user experience) designer creates the wireframe map of the site. And a graphic designer is responsible for the alignment of the website and corporate styles.
  • A system architect. These professionals create the required hardware architecture to ensure your website works flawlessly. 
  • A QA. The QA (Quality Assurance) engineer tests all the created functions and reports to developers about the bugs. 
  • A project manager. A PM coordinates the whole team’s work, manages schedules, distributes the budget, and communicates the business. 

Generally, there are two ways to hire your web team. You can either employ in-house specialists or contract them through an outsourcing provider. The first option will include recruitment activities, reporting on salaries, buying equipment, and renting premises. However, when you delegate all the arrangements to an outsourcing company, you can stay focused on business tasks. And here are the key benefits of engaging a reliable outsourcing partner:

  • You can cut costs on payrolls. Usually, seasoned IT staff providers work with specialists from Western Europe. This means that employers can spend 15-20% less on payrolls for the same level of competence as US and EU workers. Such an economy is possible because of the lower living cost in those countries. And, while saving costs, you don’t have to manage the cross-cultural differences with your new teammates. 

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  • You can hire top experts. IT specialists from Eastern Europe are known for their exceptional skills and expertise in web development, UX design, and other tech fields. That’s why with an outsourcing approach, you can access the pool of talents and engage highly competent programmers. And these IT contractors will also have exceptional communication and managerial skills. This way, they’ll stay focused on strategic business goals while completing routine tasks. 
  • You can pay for separate projects. Outsourcing is very convenient for businesses because you can “pay as you go.” This is translated into remunerating only services you currently need. The outstaffing provider covers all the recruiting and administrative issues, leaving you with project-related tasks only. So, it’s pretty beneficial to hire a dedicated team of web professionals, whether for a short or long-time period.

These are some more pros of hiring IT contractors from Ukraine:

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Wrapping Up 

Attracting potential customers to your website is the task of your marketers. But the technical background of your internet resource is also vital. IT developers can make your site highly responsive and user-friendly, while UX designers will help it be appealing and adorable.

And contracting your web team through an experienced outsourcing provider is a modern and cost-saving way of cooperation. 

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