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How Can You Bring Significance to your Client?

5 Effective ways to help you closing your deal with bringing significance

Whether you are a junior sales, senior sales, account manager, or sales director; bringing significance to clients will be the toughest part and for that below are important ways to get your through.

  • Ever experienced that your client will not take your follow up call?
  • Ever experienced that your client is no longer interested in your service/product all of a sudden?
  • Ever experienced that your client puts the project on hold, and not consider it a priority?

Significance is key in this are! How do we reach for it?

First: Confidence

Contacting your client with confidence will rest assure him/her that what you are going to promote is of great benefit to his business or him/herself.

The more confidence you show not only in yourself but also in your product/service will give your client the ability to listen to you and enjoy the meeting.

Second: Intent

Almost 63% of salespeople perceive that seeing the client as a “$” is a good motive for closing the deal and becoming the target achievers. what about seeing the client’s problem instead and trying to show the added value that will make the deal worth it? this takes us to the negotiation part, make sure your intent is pure when meeting with your client, the better the intent, the more chance you have to close the deal.

Third: Hit Emotions

“people buy for emotional reasons and justify with logic” Rod Hairston moving from the above citation, it is very important to hit your client’s emotions, I am sure you have passed through ” create a need” in fact it is creating “Significance” when you answer your client’s emotional needs, it is more likely to close the deal and build significance – your focus is on him/her, not you nor the deal.

Fourth: Influence

The best part of bringing significance is influencing your client, aligning and redirecting. Body language, Enthusiasm, Confidence, Authority are your key to influence, keep in mind your tonality and the way you mirror your client to build rapport.

Fifth: WIN-WIN

Show the win-win, start by letting your client visualize the outcome – What will happen to his life if he/she bought your service/product? how will what you are promoting going to take him /her to the next level?
The more focus you put in your client, the better the win-win clarifies and you will be able to close the deal.

Significance is all of the above!
what you can do today is focus on your client, the rest is hitting your target effortlessly!

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