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How Cold Calling Can Help You Increase Your Sales

Cold calling is one of the oldest and most widely-used methods of increasing sales for any company. Despite its image of being an ineffective and time-consuming marketing activity, a lot of companies successfully leverage cold calling to drive sales.

But what is it that these companies do to increase Sales using cold calling? They use smart tips and tricks to improve the effectiveness of their calls.

Following are a few tips to improve the effectiveness of your cold calls to increase sales:

Ask Questions

This is one technique that all sales executives swear by. Asking relevant questions gives your prospective customers a chance to speak more, engaging them in the conversation.

If you keep talking without giving the other person a chance to speak, then they will most probably get annoyed and hang up. Asking questions is a great way to keep your prospects engaged involved in the conversation.

According to research conducted by Gong Labs, asking 11-14 questions during a sales call results in the highest success rates.

Image via Gong Labs

Focus on the Problems of Consumers

Instead of just pitching your product or service, you should first discuss the consumer’s problems and how your product/service can help them resolve them. This is another effective technique to pique prospective customers’ interest and get them engaged in the conversation.

According to the study mentioned above, sales representatives who discuss 3-4 customer problems during their calls see 81%-85% success rates.

So, the next time you make a cold call, try to ask the consumer to describe their problems and then provide solutions for those problems.

Pitch your products in a way that fits naturally into the conversation, helping customers understand how your products or services can solve their problems.

This was just a sneak-peak of the numerous techniques out there that can help you increase your sales using cold calling. To learn more such techniques, check out the Infographic below.

4 Ways to Increase Sales With Cold Calling

Image courtesy: Salesmate

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