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How Do You Find Your Passion??? Get Inspired!!!

What is your definition of success? Some people feel as if success if the amount of money they make, or the title of their job. A recent salary survey mentioned that $75,000 was the salary level at which 9/10 employees would feel successful. However, top performers feel true success happens when you are doing what you are most passionate about. You find passion at the crux of any top performer atop any industry. This blog, we are going in detail about the secret sauce behind passion- inspiration.

First lets start with what inspiration is. Inspiration is the inertia behind your passion which in turn helps you make a decision -positive or negative- that will alter your outcomes for a certain period of time. Some of the greatest artist, scientist, and of course salesmen were inspired at one time or another. First, how do you find inspiration? Inspiration comes to you in 4 ways: listening, reading, and watching.

Listening: Who you listen to is paramount to finding inspiration. Listening to a mentor is the best place to start. They can share stories that can spark something inside of you. Plus, they may share insights regarding a certain situation that relates directly to what you are going through.

Reading: Mentors can come in the form of non-fiction books as well. From this source you can get inspired from acts of courage from a figure that you read about. For example, Tim Ferris in his 4 hour work week describes how he has successfully automated his business and lifestyle. This could inspire you to go into the intellectual property business as Tim has.

Watching:What ever you watch on a daily basis will shape your paradigm on life. Watch things that pull you away from your normal thoughts. This could be interviews of mentors you follow or Tedx conferences, anything to stimulate your mind and inspire you.
Next let’s look at how you use your inspiration. If you focus on four items you will figure out what truly drives you: do,do,do, and do.

Do,do,do,do. Do everything you can to vet out what you like. Treat every day as you don’t have any money and you don’t have any comfort. If you are on your sales job, act like you don’t have a base commission. One important thing to do is to figure out what success look like to you- before you chase it. I.e. is success that you want to be a regional Vice President by age 30 or is it that you want to be able to take a vacation every quarter with you family. Both equally big goals but you could get the latter goal by being a high individual contributor.

Overall, finding what success looks like to you, is as simple as getting as much inspiration as possible thus giving you the chance to find out what your passion is and then doing it, doing it, and doing it. Find your passion today and work hard at it!

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