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How Find Out What’s Stopping Your Prospect From Buying

First, I’d like to thank you all for your Ezine topic requests. I’ll do my best to answer them, and generally I look for multiple requests on the same subject. And there are a lot of them because let’s face it – we’re all struggling with the same objections though in different forms.

For example, one problem I keep hearing about is how to get a prospect/customer to tell you what’s really going on. Many of you wrote that after multiple calls, messages, etc, when you do get them on the phone all you get are vague answers. If this has ever happened to you, then here’s how to deal with it:

The first thing you need to do is realize that if your prospect isn’t calling you back, or if when you do reach them all you get are vague answers or more put offs, then you probably already have your answer. They aren’t a deal. It’s time to move on!

The problem with 80% of sales reps is that they will chase and chase unqualified leads because it seems easier than cold calling and looking for real buyers. “At least they took the information, or have a need,” they say.

Yeah, but are they buying? Usually not. And all that energy and time you waste chasing them makes you a weaker closer.

The solution? Ask the tough questions! In other words, when you do get them on the phone, ask them point-blank where they stand and if you’re still in the running. Try this:

“_________ let me ask you a question and please be honest. We’ve talked about this now for X amount of time (or — You’ve had this information for X amount of time), and I don’t want to keep bothering you if this isn’t a fit for you. But I do need to know if this looks like a solution you actually think you’re going to act on, or if you got something else in mind? ”

Now shut up and listen. Because you have given them an out, they will usually tell you the truth. Your job now is to listen to it and learn from it. Just because they aren’t buying doesn’t mean you can’t get stronger as a closer.

You see, whatever reason they give you for not buying — budget, not a right fit, staying with their current supplier, their accountant won’t let them do it – whatever the reason is, you need to take this as a lesson and begin qualifying for it more thoroughly on all of your subsequent prospecting calls.

This is one of the most important ways you’ll get better.

This is how the Top 20% get stronger and better by learning on each and every call. So to sum up —

  1. If a prospect or customer is avoiding you or is being vague, then you probably already have your answer. They aren’t doing it. Be prepared to move on, but first:.
  2. Ask the tough questions and give them out (use the script earlier in this tip).
  3. Listen and learn from the reasons they aren’t buying from you and work this into your qualifying script for all subsequent cold calls. Bottom line — you can only close prospects who are truly qualified, and it is your job to qualify them.

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