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How good are you at motivating your Sales Team?

How good are you at motivating your sales team?

How happy are you with your efforts to motivate your sales team? Are they performing to a level that you’re proud of? Or are they less than where you want them to be despite working your butt off to up their performance?

The highs and lows of Sales Leadership

There’s no better feeling when your team is performing well…and no bigger frustration when they are not.

You could blame them for not doing what they should be to increase their sales. Or you could take that brave look in the mirror and ask yourself…What’s my contribution to this situation?

How well do you know each person in your team?

Whilst it’s important to discuss KPI’s, pipelines and customers…how often do you have deep conversations with each of your team about them?

Do you know the answers to these questions?

– What inspires them?
– What do they do in their spare time?
– What successes have given them the most joy and why?
– What are their inner thoughts after big challenges?
– How do they rate themselves?
– Are they motivated towards what they want or away from what they don’t want?
– Where do they want to be in 12 months?
– What are their career and personal aspirations?
– How old are their children and what are their names?
– What is their partner’s name?
– Do they have pets…what are they and what are their names?

You may be able to have a stab at answering some of these questions from your observations, but have you discussed them directly? Have they actually shared their responses with you?

These are just a small selection of questions…I really could have gone on.

If you don’t know these things about each person then how do you expect to lead them in a way that’s right for them…that develops and supports them to higher performance?

Get to know your sales people as human beings and you’re more than halfway towards a high performing team.

Remember…the best leadership practice is the leadership practice you actually do!

Until next time

Leigh 🙂

About the author

Hi I’m Leigh Ashton of The Sales Consultancy

Whether you’re a small business or a leading brand, an area manager or a Chief Executive, whether you’re new to sales or an experienced sales professional. Even if you’re not in sales at all but want to understand it, you’ve come to the right place.

The World of Sales is changing.

Today’s conventional sales training doesn’t address the psychological barriers that get in their way.

My approach takes your sales team through a process that:

* Helps them identify their psychological barriers and gives them the tools to overcome them
* Teaches them how the mind works so they can keep motivated and stay focused
* Gives them the ability to identify the psychological patterns of their clients and prospects so they connect with them at a deeper level and close more sales

And at a higher level…

* It creates more success in other areas of their lives so they are happier generally…and happier sales people generate more sales

Wherever you are on your personal sales journey what’s the best course of action for YOU.

– Sales Training – that actually gets results
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