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How I’m managing during the lockdown

How I’m managing during the lockdown

My office is in a buzzing and vibrant building filled with other businesses. We interact in the corridors, in the kitchen area and while waiting for our barista to make our favourite coffee. Sharing ideas, stories and anything else we fancy. Even on the days that I’m the only person in our office I still have plenty of people to chat with. As an extrovert, this is perfect for me.

So how am I doing on my own at home and managing during the lockdown? 

I have to be honest…the first week was hell. I don’t even have an office at home so I felt really disorientated. By the end of the week, I thought I might flip into some form of craziness 🙂

The second week was much better. I got a desk out of my garage and created a mini working environment that allowed me to feel at work rather than working from home.

I also started going for a walk in the forest for a break each day. This made a big difference in the way I felt.

Now I’m into week 3 and I’m feeling pretty good about stuff. Getting back into my flow and thinking about the future.

Interestingly I have been doing the following things every day from day 1 because they are already part of my life:

Meditation morning and evening

– Body practice

– Exercise

– Healthy eating

– Drink plenty of water

– 7-8 hours sleep a night

– Plan my priority work tasks for the next day

– Team Skype call first thing to chat about how we are feeling and share outcomes for the day

So how come I didn’t feel great from day 1?

I missed structure!

I realised I missed the structure of my office and daily commute give me. Even though I plan my work priorities and can work through them it just wasn’t the same. Without the physicality of my team, the other people in our building, my office space and our amazing barista I felt a bit lost.

Even if you already work from home, as a Sales Leader you will be travelling to meet with customers and your team so there’s always plenty of fun and activity to enrich your soul.

Now that I’ve created that structure at home I’m good.

So what do you need to reinforce you during this extended home office working managing during the lockdown?

I think it’s different for everyone but the main thing is to create some self-nurturing activities outside of your working day so that you can continue to be productive.

My go to’s…

– Time in nature

You can go for a walk or simply sit in your garden with a cup of tea or coffee. A short 10 minute break every 2-3 hours will make you more effective and productive.

– Positive mental input

Watch or listen to inspiring podcasts, documentaries, books or videos…anything that floats your boat. If you can, don’t indulge in media.

– Calm your nervous system

A bath, yoga, meditation or similar are great ways to soothe your soul.

– Healthy eating

Eat what makes you feel good physically and drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated. Avoid over-eating.

– Healthy connection

Have a virtual face to face conversation with the important people in your life. You may not be able to hug them but seeing their faces when you chat with them is the next best thing!

Keep sane, keep safe and keep focusing on how you want to show up in the world!

Until next time,

Leigh 🙂

PS If you need a heart centred chat or help supporting your team at this time then please do reach out to me.

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