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How to Attract Clients and Opportunities Using Social Media

Social networking gives entrepreneurs a powerful opportunity to get in front of big audiences in a short amount of time. With that kind of access to so many people, you find yourself facing new opportunities to attract ideally matched clients. In order to make this work using social media, you must have a clear plan. When you take time to focus on the potential of the relationships you create in social networking, you’ll magnetize your marketing and activate a loyal following of ready-to-buy fans!

Know Why You’re There

It’s essential that you have a clear idea of why you’re using social media. Most business owners haven’t clearly defined why they are using it or what it will accomplish for them.

Check out this list of possibilities social media can hold for you. See which ones you know will help your business:

  • Demonstrate your expertise
  • Make connections with prospective clients
  • Bring traffic to your website, blog, or articles
  • Attract joint venture and strategic alliance partners
  • Get on the media’s radar screen
  • Expand your influence
  • Establish credibility in your field or profession
  • Build a base of loyal fans/li>
  • Know What Your Strategy Is

Always put relationships first because that is the basis of social media marketing. Think what your ideal clients are looking for and be the source of information and resources for them.

Your strategy must include a focus on 3 things: 1. providing value, 2. boosting credibility, and 3. building trust. Place your attention on adding value and people will anticipate the information you want to share.

As you bring in more value, you reinforce your credibility and earn the trust of your followers. Value, credibility, and trust are the most important components that invite a follower into your marketing funnel. These three factors set the basis for both you and the potential customers and the expectations for both parties. A common mistake is to jump too quickly to the sales part of the relationship before a foundation has been established. By proving your worth with excellent information, you make it simple for others to perceive you in a favorably.

Know How to Take Action

Don’t forget: People buy from those they know, like, and trust. Social media is a way to add value, boost your credibility, and build trust with ideally matched contacts.

The opportunities are still revealing themselves in this fast changing landscape, but keeping time proven client attraction strategies on hand will ensure your success for years to come.

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