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How To Be An Influencer Without Hurting Your Own Happiness

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If you’re social media savvy and have a knack for creating engaging posts, then you could be an influencer. For those at the top it’s a glamorous lifestyle, and who hasn’t dreamed about sipping champagne in a five star hotel? However, it’s a harder job than it looks, and it’s very easy to burn out before you even begin. Here’s how you can be an influencer without sacrificing your own happiness to do so. 

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Secure Your Personal Safety

As an influencer, you’re always in the limelight. People are following your accounts to see you and what you’re up to. Because you’re watched so closely, some people may get too involved and take things too far. There are so many stories of influencers’ homes being broken into, or the influencer themselves being stalked. It’s scary stuff, but you can mitigate some of the danger. 

‘There are a few ways you can stay safe online’ says psychology writer Amanda Boyle, from Writinity and Research Papers UK. ‘For example, some Twitch streamers use handles rather than their real names. You also have the option to be intentionally vague about where you live, to stop followers pinpointing your location.’ 

Control The Narrative

To be a successful influencer, you need to be able to create a stream of positive posts and buzz around yourself. To do this well, you will need some knowledge of SEO. You can also use this to protect yourself online, too. 

Google yourself and see what comes up. Are you finding results that you don’t like? If so, you can create more posts that are more positive, and use that SEO knowledge to push the less than glowing posts down the search rankings. 

Use Multiple Revenue Streams

As an influencer, your money will initially come from one source. For example, if you get your break on YouTube, then you may have started making money from advertising on your videos. However, websites like these can change quickly, and that will affect your earnings. Going with the YouTube example, they drastically changed their algorithm which meant their creators made much less overall. 

To lessen that anxiety, it’s a good idea to diversify your revenue streams. Many creators are turning to sites like Patreon, where followers can pay to support you and get exclusive content. 

Take Up Physical Activity

There’s no denying that as a species, humans aren’t designed to sit in front of a screen every day. As an influencer though, you’re going to spend hours writing posts, editing photos, and more. That means it’s so easy to let stress build up, and that’s going to be harmful to you in the long run. 

‘It’s very important that you find a form of exercise that works for you’ says blogger Jenny Lawton, from Draft Beyond. ‘It can be anything, from dancing to music in your home to going on daily runs. Just ensure that you get up and moving as often as possible.’

Take Time For Yourself

As an influencer, it’s so easy to get caught up in your metrics. You’ll watch those numbers change, and if they go down it’s easy to believe your worth as a person goes down too. However, that shouldn’t be the case. Remember, you are a whole person outside of the influencer work you do. 

It’s a very good idea to find a hobby that you don’t monetize or talk about in your influencer life. Having this ‘off screen’ release valve does a lot to help ground you, and give you a way to relax without worrying about the numbers.

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Take A Sick Day When Needed

If you were working in an office and were sick, you’d take a sick day. The same goes if you’re sick as an influencer. It sounds difficult, especially if you’re actively working with brands, but if you’re open and communicative with everyone involved, you can minimize any problems. Ensure you have illness clauses built into your contracts too, so you can take care of yourself when needed. 

Being an influencer is hugely rewarding, but it’s also highly demanding. If you want to get into this line of work, you’ll need to take care of your health. If you follow this advice, then you can easily take care of yourself and be successful. 

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