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How to filter out prospects who will never buy from you.

How to filter out prospects who will never buy from you: Don’t waste your time selling to the wrong set of people. They will drain your time and energy, and will never buy from you.

BELOW are the indicators of you being engaged with the wrong people who will never buy from you:

1) They will invite you for meetings after meetings, but these meetings will not lead to the next step in your sales cycle. There will be not concrete next step after the meeting which will eventually lead to the close.

2) They will accept your meeting invite most of the times. However same as the above point, your meetings with them will not lead to the next step in your sales cycle.

3) They ask for proposals after proposals. They will have iterations after iterations to your proposal and

4) They will ask you for a free POC (Proof of Concept) or ask you to prove your credibility by doing free work for them.

5) They will seldom introduce you to their boss or higher authority. They will not provide you access to other people involved in the decision making process.

6) They will extract as much information as possible from you over time, however will never take a decision to buy. You will feel that they are not decisive or are not arriving at a conclusion even after repeated interactions.

7) They will use you as a source of information to gather free and direct market intelligence about what they want to buy. This is because big companies and professionals do not entertain them.

BELOW are the tips that you can start implementing TODAY to ensure that you are always talking to YOUR REAL BUYERS:

1) Your real buyers are very clear about what they want and will upfront communicate the same to you.

2) They are difficult to handle because they will disengage you immediately if they feel that you are not making sense to them or will not be able to solve their problem.

3) Real buyer will answer your tough questions about budgets, preferences, decision makers involved etc. They have a clear buying process in their mind or in their company.

4) Cost would mostly be their last parameter. Guarantee that you will be able to solve their problem at the best price is what they are looking for.

5) They will not meet with you or have phone calls unnecessarily.

6) They will only ask for a proposal, once they technically qualify you.

7) They are tough to find while prospecting. They will not be easily reachable. A person who is free for you always, will not be a decision maker.

If you are a professionally trained sales person with credible experience, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO ‘SMELL’ IF A PERSON YOU ARE TALKING TO WILL BUY FROM YOU OR NOT.

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