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How To Gain Sales Experience for Those Looking to Get into Sales


Are you seeking sales experience to prepare you for a career change or success in sales marketing? Starting a career in a field without experience can be quite challenging. 

For beginners, the sales field is easy to enter and does not require a specific degree. As these jobs offer training and mentoring, it is important to demonstrate good time management skills and effective communication skills to succeed.

Throughout this article, we will discuss how to get a sales job with no sales experience and what kind of sales job you might find.

What Counts as Sales Experience?

Before acquiring sales experience, you must understand what sales jobs mean. The term “sales experience” refers to the amount of time spent persuading someone to purchase something.

If you have successfully convinced someone to buy something in exchange for money, that’s sales. This may seem pretty straightforward, but sales can include many scenarios.

Experience in sales is usually gained by approaching, demoing, and closing deals, but you can also gain valuable experience from observing and listening to calls. Gaining sales experience is also possible by observing how the top performers do it.

Typical sales experience involves interactions between sellers and customers, but there are also scenarios you might not consider sales experience to be.

If you have found yourself selling a product, idea, or even a suggestion, you have sales experience. 

Sales experience includes insurance agents, retail sales associates, travel agents, customer service agents, and event or product promoters. 

How To Gain Sales Experience?

The good part of starting a sales career is you don’t need experience. An industry like this welcomes hard-working individuals of all types and experience levels. All you need to have is willing to put in the effort needed by beginners.  

Here are some ideas to guide you find your career in sales if you have no experience in the field.

1. Willingness to Begin From Scratch

You must be motivated to begin from scratch and be prepared to take an entry-level job. 

When you have the inclination and ability to learn, you can quickly adapt to a new job. One willing to learn is committed to continuously acquiring new knowledge and developing themselves professionally and personally. 

2. Research Jobs

Researching a career path is important in determining what you want to do as a profession. Effective job research provides a better understanding of the different opportunities available.

The more familiar you are with the industry, the more likely you are to learn the skills you need. Make sure you research sales positions and prioritize applying to companies that offer products or services that interest you. 

Your interest may not only make you an excellent salesperson, but it may also help you become proficient in your field. 

3. Educate Yourself

A variety of resources are available for learning about being a quality salesperson. Many articles, videos, and books related to sales explain how to become a successful sales professional.

Learn from someone’s experience and expertise if you know someone who works in sales and takes them out for lunch.

4. Be Honest About your Experience

When looking for a sales job and interviewing for the positions, be honest with yourself and your prospective employers regarding your lack of sales experience. 

Due to the fact that you’re applying to entry-level positions, they should understand that you need all the training and experience they can provide. You must be transparent about your skill level to gain the employer’s trust and confidence.

5. Recognize your Personality Traits

Choosing a job that meets your career goals is easier when you know your strengths and weaknesses. After you have a clearer understanding of what makes you unique, it is time to match those traits with jobs that will allow them to flourish. 

It could be advantageous for you to have an enthusiastic attitude if you seek a sales position. Nevertheless, being more introverted does not prevent you from being a successful salesperson.

What Kind of Sales Jobs Can You Get Without Experience?

A sales career can be a great starting point for those looking to land their first sales job. Different types of jobs are available in the sales field without experience.

Commission Based Position

Commission-based sales are sale transactions that generate additional compensation to the salesperson. 

Commission-based salespersons earn a salary based on a percentage of the total amount of the product they sell. Since the amount you make depends on the amount you sell, a commission-based sales position comes with risks. 

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However, it has several positive aspects, including:

  • Flexibility: Most commission-based salespeople can work from home at their convenience.
  • Skill development: As you engage with potential customers, your people and sales skills are improved. 
  • Work ethic development: Your salary depends on sales, so you might be motivated to work hard and strive for excellence.
  • Earning potential: Although you may be relatively new to the field, you could make a good salary if you improve your sales skills.

Inside Sales

Inside sale is one of the fastest growing segments of the sales industry, and it offers a variety of challenges and plenty of training opportunities.

Working in inside sales usually means working from an office or call center. Most of your work involves selling products to customers over the phone or online.

A sales training program can prepare you for a lifetime of sales success. The job offers unlimited on-the-job sales training, and you will learn how to deal with various customers.

Insurance Sales

Insurance companies have a reputation for hiring inexperienced sales representatives.

Getting into insurance sales can be an excellent way to get into the sales profession and an ideal career path for those who can weather the often stressful and challenging first few years.

An insurance salesperson is an employee of a sales company whose job is to advise on and sell insurance. 

Retail Sales

In a retail sales company, you sell goods and services to the public. Although the internet has impacted the retail industry profoundly, an entry-level position in retail is still worth considering.

You can gain valuable experience in marketing, promoting, and selling by working in retail sales.

Real Estate Sales

Another position you may want to consider is selling real estate. Agents can represent either buyers or sellers of properties.

Having the opportunity to work with buyers and sellers gives you valuable selling experience as you learn how to persuade buyers to purchase desirable properties. Additionally, you will develop ways of generating new business, such as networking and advertising.

Follow These Five Steps To Get a Sales Job

There is no singular way to get into sales. It offers career growth potential and transferrable skills, making it an attractive option for recent college graduates and working professionals.

Step 1: Update Your Linkedin Profile and Resume

You can open doors with an excellent resume. Advice for getting the dream job out of the maze of job seekers, a good resume must have relevant and necessary details of one’s professional records. 

A poorly updated resume may give recruiters the wrong impression, resulting in missed opportunities. Thus before going on a job search, ensure you update your resume with updated skills and experience. 

The modern job market has gone social. Many hiring managers use social platforms like Linkedin to recruit candidates. You can gain various job opportunities by keeping your LinkedIn profile up-to-date and interview-ready. 

Step 2: Connect with the Hiring Manager

Connecting with the hiring managers gives the opportunity to stand out. 85% of today’s sales jobs are obtained through networking. 

 Reaching out to hiring managers and connecting with them is easier with the help of the Linkedin platform. 

Connect with them and tell them you are applying for a sales job posted by them and keep an ongoing communication so you can discuss the job you are looking for. 

Step 3: Discover Where to Look for Sales Job

Finding a job in a sales position can be challenging. You must look at the job portal sites if you are looking for a sales job. Look for the most popular and well-known job sites like, the ladders,, glassdoor, and more.

Step 4: Apply For the Job

You must apply for the job through an application process. With your resume, include a cover letter explaining why you want the job and why you are a good fit. 

Step 5: Follow up and be Patient

Patience is part of the emotional stability necessary at work. Once you apply for the position, be patient and politely follow up now and then until you get an answer. 

Final Words

Open up to learning everything from the beginning or starting with a job that isn’t your end goal but will ultimately help you get there. If you are interested in getting into sales, please look at the steps for gaining sales experience above. 

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