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How to get the right attitude about our business

We may have read the best books on sale techniques, learned by heart the effective lead generation.

We may have read the best books on sale techniques, learned by heart the effective lead generation techniques, but it takes more than just our skills and knowledge to be effective in our business. Like all other sales people, we also need the right attitude to accomplish our sales goals.

Attitude is everything. But sad to think, this is ANOTHER less obvious element that we always fail to consider in our business. Most of the time, we just keep on making money as much as we want and we forget the fact that we are human beings and should treat other people (our customers) as human beings too.

So how do we get the right attitude about our business?

Number one: Start to care. There are a lot of businesses today that lose billions of dollars because customers feel that they don’t care about their business enough to make an effort to keep them. However, when we start to care, we start to go an extra mile to serve our customers better. We start to become more patient, more understanding and take more time to listen to the “pain” our customers are trying to share to us. Also when we start to care, we also start to learn how to respond appropriately to make our customers feel comfortable, valued and cared.

Number two: Be positive. “We are what we think we are.” Remember the story of a frog who won in a running race because he was deaf? We should be like that little frog. We should never listen to other people’s tendencies to be negative. We always have the choice. We can always look at the brighter side of things if we want to. And we should also remember of the power which words have. Everything we allow our minds to dwell in will definitely affect our actions.

Number three: Have a passion for business. We need to be passionate about our business to make it more successful and satisfying. I believe to have the right attitude about our business is not that easy; it will require us to wonder about our strengths and will work harder to reduce our weaknesses. But you know what, when we are passionate and love what we do, it is much easier for us to move onward. When we are passionate about something, it is reflected in our actions and that can move other people to notice us and more importantly, to listen. We should lead from the heart, and that will lead other people to trust and love us.

I have a hard time believing that we can fix everything on our own, but I am a strong believer that if we have the right attitude, we can still manage to impact others (that includes our existing customers, prospects, sales leads, etc.) around us and bring upon what we want to give to others and to our business.

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