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How to Improve Brand Recognition and Stay Fresh in Consumer Minds

How to Improve Brand Recognition and Stay Fresh in Consumer Minds: Brand awareness is arguably the most important factor when it comes to consumers making purchase decisions. More than 52% of millennials say it’s important to find a brand they can trust, according to a study by Statistica, so for businesses it’s imperative to find creative ways to ensure customers are recognize your brand.

Originality is a key aspect in being able to stand out from your competitors, but it often requires repetition to establish your brand as memorable. Here are five clever ways you can leave your mark on your industry and potential customers’ minds.

Revisit your brand’s visual style

Visual style is a crucial component of every brand’s overall identity. A mistake that commonly ends up spoiling a lot of prospects is assuming that all people need is an appeasing visual. Mediocrity is not enough and therefore you need to make sure your brand style is professional and psychologically effective.

A proper style is supposed to showcase what your brand is, what it does and how it does it. If done well, it’s an incredibly powerful tool in the storytelling apsect of your business. By telling a good story, it’s likely to stick in people’s minds and remain fresh when the time comes to purchase your product or services.

If there’s a drastic change in what your company does — for instance, if it pivots towards another niche — you might need to change how your brand is perceived by the world.

Tweak colors in your logo and website design to make them more in-line with what you do. Compiling a brand style guideline is necessary for consistency. Use the logo in your business cards, gift cards, brochures, and other print media. Stay a step ahead in respect to your marketing materials by adding your logo to envelopes that hold things like correspondence letters, gift cards, certificates, and other promotional items. It creates a personal connection with the customer you are dealing with, which is required and goes without saying if you want to abide by good business practices.

Make a good first impression

They say all publicity is good publicity. But more often than not, blanket statements like these don’t hold as much truth as most people would like to believe.

Some companies can take bad publicity and make it work for them, however they need to be careful to make the right decisions along the way. Therefore, it’s important to make a good impression the first time around.

A business impression refers to what kind of opinions customers and potential buyers have about your brand. First impressions are defined by outward appearances. Anything that’s evident when a person sees your office, website or social media presence will shape what they think about you.

Having a site with professional photography and well-made videos of your craft is a good way to promote the image your customers seek. Additionally, consider a polished logo and clean, professional office environment to leave a lasting impression for the betterment of your business.

Impression is also supposed to complement the overall experience of your brand. Employing a helpful social media staff is a good example of how to leave a lasting impression without concentrating on visual impressions.

Be consistent and flexible

Every year has its own set of trends that businesses have to stay current with. Some trends are worth chasing because they appeal to the right kind of audience, while others might end up wasting your time and resources.

A good first impression cannot make up for a poorly-made product, and a good social media presence cannot make up for bad customer service experience. It’s important for your brand to remain consistent in maintaining a great experience.

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