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How to Improve Sales Process and Increase Business

How to Improve Sales Process and Increase Business

Have you ever struggle to give a thought that how companies like Amazon and Apple made billions while few companies failed to make a penny?

What is necessary to keep your cash flow active?

The Answer is SALES!

If your organization doesn’t have a proven process to sell then your organization doesn’t have a proven process to scale.

The sales process is very simple as it is interconnected with what we called Buyers journey.

The organization has to understand also from the consumers, the buyer’s perspective.

What is the journey that they go through?

In this post, you will be clear about five steps of the sales process and how its interconnected with Buyer’s journey,

So Are You Ready?

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So let’s discuss the first step. The first step is what I call prospecting or lead generation to Improve Sales Process and Increase Business

1). Prospecting or Lead Generation:

Whatever you do for lead generation weather its cold-calling, running ads on Google, content marketing, or blogging you have to keep in mind the buyer’s journey.

And the First step of a buyer’s journey is Awareness shout to your prospects! Hey, I AM HERE!

2). Qualifying the Leads:

Getting leads is not enough for successful deal closure every business has to qualify those leads into a proper way.

You can qualify your prospects in to below 4 steps:

Need: How strong are their needs?

Time: How urgently they want to solve this problem. They want to solve this problem right now or they want to wait till 6 months.

Money: Do they have resources for your product?

Decision Maker: are they able to make a decision right now or they needed to discuss with decision-makers.

If we see this as a buyer’s journey it’s called Engagement.

Prospects are now aware of your company & services you are offering but they want more information about a particular service now they are engaging with your company.

3). Demonstrating Value:

This step is very crucial for any business to demonstrate value. For example, if you are in the software development business, show them a software demo.
Invite them to live events or webinars. There are so many techniques for creating values but it depends on your business.

This step is called Interest in the Buyer’s journey.

4). Negotiate & Close the Deal:

The Negotiation step involves the discussion about terms, financing, payments & how long you will provide the services. These all-important aspects you can discuss in the negotiation stage.

But remember we are not talking about any agreement yet.

As far as Buyer’s Journey is concern this step is called Commitment, Prospect is moving forward to discuss how they are going to do business.

5). Delivery & Fulfillment:

This is the most crucial step for any deal as you are going to deliver what you promise to your prospects at the beginning.

Now, most companies screwed up at this step as they focus on quickly close the deal, they thought that sales are done. But they are wrong; the real sales start when you close the deal.

This step is recognizing in the Buyer’s journey as Experience.

Delivery & Fulfillment is the step where after delivering an awesome experience to your customer you will get references from them.

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