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How to Master Google Plus

How to Master Google Plus:

For most people, Google Plus is not the social media network of choice, but getting to know how it works could change your opinion. There is plenty to be found on Google Plus and the more you know about how it works the more you will grow to love this amazing new social network. As usual, Google offers more than a great way to keep in contact with friends but also a way to stay up to date with the hottest trends and latest news.

Fill Your Stream

If you find that you do not have a stream full of active friends, there is a way to fill that void. You can add trending stories and the latest news from users across the globe by using the simple search feature. You simply type in your interests and choose which stories you want to show up in your stream as well as how many of that type of story you wish to see. This will allow you to see what is going on in the world around you without extensive searching.

Create Circles

Circles are Google’s way of dividing your friends up into smaller easier to manage groups. Unlike many social network sites where all see a status update and excluding anyone can be difficult to manage, Google has made this easy. You can sort your friends into multiple categories and then create personalized posts targeted just to those circles. A great example of this would be to have a circle of colleagues as well as a circle of college friends, you would share business updates with your colleague circle while you may share a funny image with your college friends.

Link Your Content

One of the greatest features of Google Plus is the ability to share what you create on other websites with people across the world. When you create new content on your personal website or as a guest on a larger site, you can create a link back to your Google Plus account. This will allow that content to be searched by other users based on their interests. You can also choose which circle of friends your content will be shown to. Most blogging sites include a link to Google Plus, this allows both the writers and viewers of the content to share it easily with their friends with just the click of a button. If the website you are writing for does not have a button to link to Google Plus, there are many ways to create the link yourself.


One of the easiest ways to become a Google Plus master is to explore the network. Visit your privacy settings and experiment with the different options. Search topics of interest and add or remove them from your stream of updates. Create new circles and invite new people to join your circle. Experiment with hash tags to share hot topics with people outside of your circle. Google Plus has many wonderful features to offer its users, whether they use the network for personal contacts or for business marketing, the possibilities is endless.

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