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How To React To Negative Glassdoor Reviews

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You’ve probably heard this story before: A disgruntled employee is let go from a company, and as a parting gift, he or she leaves a cringe-worthy review of the company on Glassdoor or another similar site.

Glassdoor and other company review sites can have a major impact on hiring and employee retention. A recent article from Align to Thrive, a cultural assessment company, shared advice and different approaches for reacting to glaring reviews. To maintain employee morale, improve transparency, increase employee retention and let employees know that their opinions and feedback are valued, keep a calm, objective approach when reacting to Glassdoor reviews and consider the tips listed below.

How Not to React

1. Never Force Employees To Create Positive Reviews
Forcing team members to create positive reviews may help your web presence, but it certainly won’t help employee morale.

2. Never Confront Ex-Employees
Confronting ex-employees is a sure way to ruin relationships and damage your company’s reputation. 

3. Don’t Dismiss Negative Reviews
Use these reviews as an opportunity to improve your company culture and see if the negative feedback is an issue for current employees in similar positions or within the same department.

How to React

1. Consider the Criticism Objectively
There’s usually a lot of truth in negative reviews, so consider them objectively and do your best not to let personal feelings or pride get in the way of taking criticism.

2. Get a Free Employer Account
These accounts give you the power to respond to reviews, flag inappropriate/false reviews and provide accurate company information for your profile.

3. Respond!
Responding is the best way to let ex-employees know that you value their feedback and want to improve the company culture.

4. Be Transparent
You don’t have to share every negative online review with your entire team, but don’t dismiss reviews if your team or potential hires bring them up.

You can find more insights from Align to Thrive on how to react to negative Glassdoor reviews, or check out Align to Thrive’s IC-8 Cultural Assessment to get a comprehensive understanding on your existing company culture.

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