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How to Sell By Not Selling

Sales funnels are a simple, yet effective way for marketers to build a marketing funnel that starts with awareness and ends with conversion.

When it comes to sales funnels, content is the fuel that drives your engine forward. Not only do you want to educate customers on who you are, but you also want them to understand the value they receive from your solution. If there are no customer experiences that hold their attention long enough for them to understand how valuable what you have is, then it’s unlikely they’ll purchase. When setting up your sales funnel, try to identify where your customers will be at each stage in the process.

This infographic post from Span Global Services will share the strategic factors to consider for each stage of your sales funnel in order to improve your chances of maximising revenue and ROI.

How to Sell By Not Selling

Image Courtesy: Span Global Services

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