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How To Use Hype In Your Social Media Marketing

How To Use Hype In Your Social Media Marketing: Hype Works. None of us like it; all of us succumb to it. “They” keep doing it, because it works.

The reason hype works is because of the feelings that are generated with hype.

There’s excitement in the spokesperson’s voice, enthusiasm and energy. There’s the hope that whatever is presented really IS the solution to every problem on the planet.

There’s the vision of a better, brighter, richer, thinner, bug-free tomorrow. And if the practitioner does the hype really well, the price sounds like the bargain of all time.

What we resent about hype is that we are raised up with massive expectations and then inevitable reality sets in. We fall hard when the picture that was painted turns out to be smoke and mirrors. We resume gloom, feeling “taken” once again. As per usual.

Surely this is a ridiculous idea to repeat this up and down journey for our potential clients, especially since on social media, they are mere contacts at best? It can be months before a name and an image become even a contact, let alone a connection. The journey from point of contact to connection to point of sale can take a long time.

There is a gap here which presents a mighty opportunity for any business owner looking to use social media to help spread their marketing messages for all to see.

That opportunity is to tell your story using the same energy and enthusiasm that hype does, only stick to the facts. When you enthusiastically share actual results of a case study, the story naturally takes on the positive aspect. It may or may not apply specifically to a prospect’s situation: they can determine that for themselves. You have good news and you are sharing it.

Your lively positive story brings with it hope; if you have done it once, the results may not be typical but they are usually replicate-able. Now that there is hard evidence that the case study worked, a vision of success HAS been created. That vision is now real. It worked for them, it could just as easily work for you. Whether you believe seeing is believing or not, most great goals work best when there is a solid vision and belief in place first.

Hype works, because of the feelings that it gives us. Those feelings can be brought to your social media activities, and if you discuss real facts with honesty and enthusiasm, your efforts will be well rewarded.

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