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How to Use LinkedIn to Boost Sales in 2022

Image source: Amplify PR

LinkedIn might be the most overlooked social media marketing platform. That’s surprising, given that stats show that it is one of the best B2B prospecting channels for small and medium-sized companies: LinkedIn is responsible for 97% of B2B business’s social media leads.

Do you want to use LinkedIn to boost your sales in 2022? Follow these 5 steps and get started straight away!

Build and optimize your LinkedIn company page

The first step to engage your audience on LinkedIn is to create and optimize your business page. This will show not only that your company is active on the platform, but also that you care about your brand and your customers.

A well-built LinkedIn company page can generate leads to your website more than any other social media channel. According to a study, 46% of social traffic to B2B sites come from LinkedIn.

To enhance brand awareness and promote your products on LinkedIn, add the following features to your business profile:

  • Company details: write your company’s official name and a short description of your business activity. Define your mission and tell your followers what makes you unique.
  • Logo and banner image: upload your logo and use a descriptive picture as a cover image. LinkedIn recommended sizes are 268 (w) x 268 (h) pixels for logos and 1128 (w) x 191 (h) pixels for cover images. Use a professional logo maker to design your logo in just a few minutes.
  • Business updates: keep your customers informed about changes to your business. Share relevant information such as the company’s restructuration, new products or services and policy changes.
  • Industry news: LinkedIn users often check the news while they scroll down the feed. That’s a great opportunity for your company to stand out as an expert in your business sector. Share news and show your customers you’re up to date with the latest trends in the industry.
  • Multimedia items: use images and videos to enrich your posts. Create eye-catching content to boost user interaction.

Create a strong brand

Once you build a complete LinkedIn profile for your business, it’s time to make your brand popular. Consistency is key. Brands don’t get instant recognition on the platform overnight; it takes time and a plan to follow.

Start by defining your audience. Ask yourself:

  • Who are my buyer personas? 
  • What are their motivations?
  • How can I create value for them?

This will help you to build a successful business strategy to boost your social presence on LinkedIn. If you know who your customers are, then you’ll be able to create content that appeals to them.

It’s important to emphasize this: everything you do on LinkedIn needs to be customer-centric. In other words, your brand is built around your clients and their needs.

Harness the power of networking

LinkedIn is the biggest online professional network in the world. People look for their dream job and companies use the platform to connect with their future employees and prospective clients.

In both cases, networking is decisive.

As a business owner, you can find potential customers with LinkedIn advanced search filters or in LinkedIn groups.

If you use LinkedIn search features, you can discover people who work in the same industry and appear to be target customers. Just type down the job position, the location, and other details you’re looking for to expand your network. For example, a content marketing agency that’s looking for bloggers and copywriters will use keywords like ‘content writer’ or ‘editor’ to narrow their search.

LinkedIn groups are perfect places to connect with people who have the same interests and professional experiences. Group members are usually open to talking and starting a conversation, so it’s a great opportunity for you to share your expertise about a certain topic and increase brand awareness.

Grow you Skills, Become a Member

Post more video content

Videos are great lead generators for your business. Why? The answer is very simple: people tend to engage and interact more with visual content than with plain text messages. LinkedIn users are no exception. They’re 20x more likely to share a video than any other type of post.

Before you post video content in your business profile, use a checklist to keep track of the process:

  • Make sure you have professional equipment and skills to produce in-house content
  • Write a script and stick to it
  • Create useful content for your audience
  • Edit your video and adapt it to LinkedIn recommended length (30-90 seconds)
  • Add a call to action

You may also consider sharing external videos, but this content doesn’t work as well as native videos.

Use LinkedIn marketing tools

Source: Jens Marketing.

LinkedIn offers a wide range of tools for business growth. The most popular one is LinkedIn Ads. The platform gives companies the possibility to place sponsored content on LinkedIn feeds or sponsored messages directly on users’ inboxes.

How can your business benefit from this? With conversion ads, you can drive followers to your site and convert them into buyers. LinkedIn Ads helps companies to:

  • Reach their target audience
  • Generate leads
  • Increase website conversions

There is also multiple third-party software you can use to manage campaigns and online advertising. From lead generation tools like Dux-Soup to LinkedIn automation tools like Expandi, this software can be easily incorporated into your marketing strategy.

LinkedIn native tools and most external software incorporate data and analytics reports to their core features. In case you don’t have access to this info, use a LinkedIn ads reporting tool to track the progress of your ads and marketing campaigns.


LinkedIn has become a powerful platform for businesses that want to find prospective customers and turn them into clients. 

A clean and good-looking company profile can help your business to thrive in an ultra-competitive social channel. The best way to connect with your audience is by posting relevant content and expanding your network.

If you create a strong brand and keep an eye on your performance, you’ll be able to build a long-lasting relationship with your customers. Use the tips on this article to learn how to communicate with them, be consistent with your messaging, and, ultimately, boost your sales this year.

About the author

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