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How to Write Email Promotions that ROCK!

Most people believe that writing requires skill and is an art. I believe this to be true when you are creating works of art such as novels, ebooks and whitepapers but when it comes to email promotions; I believe writing is a science. By following a simple formula, anyone can create successful email promotions.

Every successful promotion has the same essential elements that must be included in your offer for it to be appealing to the masses. A unique but simple formula that you can follow today:

  1. A Defined Target Audience

    Who is your audience? Who is reading your promotion and/or offer? Are you speaking in their language? Are you offering something that appeals to them?

  2. A Benefit Statement

    What benefits or results will your readers get from your promotion? Is it truly a benefit (meaning some result they will yield) or a feature you are disguising as a benefit? People are tuned in to WIIFM (what’s in it for me) – answer that question up front!

  3. A Sense of Urgency

    People need a reason to take action so create urgency – “Act Now”, “Hurry While Supplies Last!” People are busy and if given the chance to put off until another time, they will and then they will forget. So don’t give them the option of doing something later.

  4. A Call to Action

    What do you want your readers to do? What are the next steps? Purchase your product? Sign up for the next seminar? Be sure to tell the readers what you want them to do next and limit their options. Studies have shown that providing too many options will result in a lower response rate.

  5. A Readable Length

    How long is your promotion? If you received this, would you read it? Most people skim material so make sure your promotion is short and sweet. If in an email, keep it simple. If it is a sales page, make it no longer than a page and a half. Remember, people have limited time these days, create a promotion that gets straight to the point.

  6. A Trustworthy Source

    Who is the promotion coming from? Can people get in touch with you if they have a problem or have questions? Do you offer more than an email address? People want to buy from reputable companies and you are required by law to include your address. To put buyers at ease, I recommend also giving them a phone number. Too many “bad companies” are out there and don’t allow you to speak to an individual. Remove the risk and give your audience a place to contact you.

  7. A Couple of Bonuses

    Can you sweeten the pot? Is there something you can throw in that will bring additional value to your offer? A consultation? A free Ebook? An extra widget? Anything that will enhance your offer and bring additional value will increase your chances in a successful promotion.

The formula for email promotion success is: Target Audience + benefits + urgency + action + length + trust + bonus = Promotion Success!

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