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How Was Q1 For You?

Can you believe we’re already into Quarter 2 of 2013?

Yes we still have Q1 temperatures but we can’t do anything about that. What you can do is take the opportunity to review Q1 and set out what you need to do in Q2. So my recommendation to you is to award yourself some high quality thinking time.

Put the “no-entry” sign up on your door, or desk. Switch off your favourite gadgets. Close down your laptop…and work though the exercises below. In fact I highly recommend removing yourself from your normal place of work. So maybe go to a private meeting room, a business lounge, a coffee shop, whatever suits you best.

By the way these exercises can be tweaked to work in a team so if you’d rather do this with your team or colleagues, go ahead. I’ve grouped a series of questions under four main headings. You don’t have to cover all the questions in each section, they are there to help you crystallise your thoughts around the four main questions.

The main thing is to allow yourself time to think and reflect. It’s not a speed test!

Quarter 1 Review

What strategies have worked well for you in Q1?

  • What’s worked?
  • What major actions have you been able to complete?
  • How have these completed actions helped your business?

What have you found difficult to implement?

  • Which actions are in progress, not yet completed?
  • Which actions have you not started?
  • What stopped you from starting/completing these actions?
  • How do you make sense of this?
  • If you stood back and watched yourself during these challenges, what thoughts come to mind?
  • What’s holding you back?
  • What could you do to change the situation?
  • What would you do differently if you were able to start again?

What changes have you noticed in yourself?

  • What new skills have you learned?
  • Score your performance out of ten
  • What could you have done to have scored one more point?

What’s the next step?

  • What are the three key things you need to have achieved by the end of Q2?
  • Why are they important?
  • What will happen if you don’t achieve them?
  • What will happen if you do achieve them?
  • What could get in your way?
  • How would you counter these possible obstacles?
  • What small step would get you started?
  • Who else can help you?
  • How can they help?

What are you waiting for?

If you’re reading this and haven’t done the exercises yet – I dare you to do them! They are geared up to helping secure sales success for you and your business. If you aren’t used to reviewing your progress in this way, then you’re in for a treat. And a very useful treat too.

What are you waiting for?

Sales Success? It’s all about the psychology.

Until next time.


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Hi I’m Leigh Ashton of The Sales Consultancy

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The World of Sales is changing.

Today’s conventional sales training doesn’t address the psychological barriers that get in their way.

My approach takes your sales team through a process that:

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* Gives them the ability to identify the psychological patterns of their clients and prospects so they connect with them at a deeper level and close more sales

And at a higher level…

* It creates more success in other areas of their lives so they are happier generally…and happier sales people generate more sales

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