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I’m not a morning person, but I wake up at 5:15AM – here’s how…

I’m not a morning person, but I wake up at 5:15AM – here’s how…: It has been well documented that one of the key success principles of many millionaires is waking up before the sun. One study I read claimed that 50% of millionaires wake up over 3 hours before their workday begins.

Personally, I use to LOVE sleeping in. I was the person who would snooze the alarm 17 times before waking up, rationalize with myself how I could get ready in 10-15 minutes and plan my outfit in my head just to get 5 more minutes under the covers. In the afternoons I would get frustrated with my lack of time to workout, read, watch videos, and have time to spend with my family and friends. I just didn’t have enough time in my day, and every night I went to be disappointed that I had compromised once again on something that I wanted to do.

After an enlightening conversation with my friend, who was actually the person that referred me to the Sales & Leadership Mastermind Group I am in through Abundant, I decided I would test out this whole idea of waking up in the 5AM hour. I committed to it for 30 days to see the impact. As a result, I will never go back!

Waking up early allows me to get my workout, and meditation done before I use to even wake up. I have time to actually eat breakfast at home, sit on my balcony and enjoy the view, play with my dog, and get ready for work in a calm and collected manner. As a result, my sales dramatically increased because of my newfound energy. Overall, I look better, feel better, and have a TON of time in the afternoon to do all the other activities I want.

Waking up that early is still a bit of a challenge each morning but here are some tips I have implemented that make it possible for me to say goodbye to my covers and hello to my morning:

– Wear my gym clothes to bed
– Put my alarm on the opposite side of the room
– Prep a BIG glass of water to drink first thing in the morning
– When I hear my alarm go off I count to 5… 1 — 2- 3- 4- GET UP! Don’t look back!
– Do NOT be friends with the snooze button, going back to bed even for 3 minutes is not an option
– Once I’m vertical I say something positive out loud (usually the opposite of what I feel such as “I am FULL of ENERGY!”)
– Leave my room and close the door behind me
– Turn on all the lights in the house
– Take my dog on a walk to get fresh air
– Within 15 minutes of getting up go to the gym… the first few times I did this I literally just stood in the gym to get in the habit of making myself go
– Tell everyone I know that I work out in the morning, that way I hold myself accountable to actually doing it
– Commit myself to a phone call, Facebook Live video, or business meeting early in the morning

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