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Influence in the Sales Industry

Being able to influence others is one of the most important skills a salesperson should have in their toolbox. With any given customer, having the ability to sway them towards your product or service, even if they don’t realize they have a need for it. Creating that need is vital. How we do that varies by the individual.

My preferred tactic is making a connection to the customer and their emotions. At Best Bid Auctions, we like to see ourselves more as problem-solvers. When customers come to us, it is often because of a need, or we must be able to help them realize that need. For example, when doing an estate sale, it is often the case that a family member has passed away for our client. Making the process as quick and simple for them as possible is imperative, and make them realize that their loved-one’s investments will be worth the time. Being understanding and making it the best deal for the customer in turn provides us with an easier sale. This is the influence that we have found works for us.

Why was Billy Mays successful? He was energized about his products. His actions affected the consumers and they were excited as well. This technique, as we should know, isn’t going to work in a face-to-face sale, shaking hands and yelling at the top of your lungs at how great your product is. The point of this is that influence comes in many forms. Being able to read the customer, and determine their wants and needs will enable you to choose the best approach necessary.

Merriam-Webster defines influence as “the act or power of producing an effect without apparent exertion of force or direct exercise of command.” People will want to work for you, or make that sale, without you having to even ask. In a management position, this comes in extremely useful. Having an influence over your employees does not mean commanding their every move. Being a positive person, who’s easy to be around, personnel will want to do better. This is unspoken influence which can create a very proactive working environment.

Even here within NASP, the association does not ask for writers. They advertise “Influencers Invited.” Your colleagues aren’t here to micromanage. They are imparting information that has helped them become successful. In order to thrive as an industry, we must influence better tactics and ideologies that represent an improving trade.

Influence is a part of our daily lives. Being conscious of what is influencing us and how we can use influence to gain an advantage is what enables us to be successful. Through the CPSP course, this is creating a more aware salesperson, which in turn equals better results for the company.

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