How to explain those difficult gaps in your CV which employers might be wary of such as long term unemployment or travelling periods. The trick is to explain CV gaps in a way that focusses on the positive things you have learnt in time away from employment, but how can you achieve this?

The Story of ED

What traits do top sales performers have?

What do top performers have that make them so successful? What do sales people at the top of their game do differently? Learn about ED and change your life!

Having "Champions" within your key accounts is a great thing, but it can create a false sense of security. Relying too heavily on your Champions can keep you from uncovering new sales opportunities within your key accounts--and even hinder your progress in winning more and bigger deals. Here are three situations to look out for--and how to address them.

This article defines social media marketing and describes how marketers can take advantage of the new media. It also provides an explanation of the importance of social media content and researching social media platforms, discusses how to measure the success of social media, and provides a discussion of how social media does not replace traditional media but works with traditional forms of media by extending marketing efforts.

How to Overcome Deception

Recommended tactics from a Success Seeker

Dealing with a wily ego? Discover breakthroughs from someone in the midst of the transformation. Overcome profound fear of loss, replace regressive behaviors, and start making better choices. Realize it's about gaining control of your unconscious mind to break free. Through the power of the CPSP Program, I'm feeling liberated from the things that kept me stuck in deception for more than 4 decades.

Interviews, it may be the single toughest part of any individual's job search, and yet, job seekers often compound their interview nervousness with lack of preparation and frequent mistakes. Interview mistakes can be avoided. The 10 biggest interview mistakes and how to avoid them are as follows:

The best way you could spend this coming Friday afternoon?... It's Time for action Time to get busy. Not to work super hard. Time to be super smart. Give yourself two hours. ...

Aware salespeople are the greatest asset to any successful business; they will naturally display all the attributes we associate with success. Whether selling complex solutions or simple transactions, an aware salesperson will always stand out.

Sending out numerous applications to employers without response can be disheartening, but it probably has more to do with your Curriculum Vitae (CV) than you as a candidate. If your CV isn't up to scratch, then you won't get calls to interview, so here are 5 of the common errors where people go wrong.

Keeping staff motivated starts with good manners and ends with a positive workplace environment.