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Is Your Business List Built for a Winning IT Lead Generation Campaign?

Is Your Business List Built for a Winning IT Lead Generation Campaign?: Telemarketing and email campaigns stand and fall by the quality of business lists used to contact potential clients. As it turns out, marketers who give ample consideration to list quality have better chances of getting higher positive contact rates and more meaningful conversations with qualified sales leads than those who simply care about numbers. While email and telemarketing lists are now much easier to build (thanks to the wonder of Internet), a lot of B2B marketing campaigns are still plagued by too many wasted calls resulting from low quality resources and bogus contacts.

So, how so do you generate opportunity-rich business lists to drive your IT lead generation campaign forward? A few tips from IT lead generation experts:

Build your won list.
You have probably gathered millions of names and contact data currently sitting silently in your database after many years of multi-channel marketing. Why don’t you use that resource to build a targeted business list and make good use of the money you have spent to gather those names? Plus, you have more reason to be confident about quality when you build your own lists with your own hands.

Purchase lists from reliable vendors only.
Let’s be honest. Most list vendors usually care more about how much sales they make than the actual benefits their customers get from using their business lists. Rings true even for those who price their products quite attractively. Well, in case you haven’t noticed, “quality” and “cheap” very seldom go together, so don’t fall for those words too fast. Get this: if it’s incredibly cheap, it must be incredibly cheap for a reason.

Invest in data profiling and other list services.
Allocate a good portion of your marketing budget for client profiling and data verification services to keep your email and calling lists fresh, pristine, and reliable. Do this regularly; not just when sales are falling short or when emails from irate contacts requesting to remove their names from your database start mobbing your inbox. Now, if you think that your hands are too hallowed for such dirty work, take the outsourcing route.

There are lots of data services companies more than willing to do the work for you.

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