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The Importance of Building your Customer Relationships Through an Online Presence

I was reading a report recently about how much value is placed on the business-client relationship in an online marketing environment. It seems, from what I have read and experienced recently, that developing an online presence is very important to both the client and to you, business management.

For example, I was visiting with a client where I volunteer. With my help, their major annual event had just met Twitter, and the Tweets began. Returning from her AGM, she was happy to report that she was only one of three in attendance who raised their hand when asked who had active Twitter accounts. Pretty cutting edge for a small city organization. We shared our pride in knowing that we were attaining our goals on target, and more importantly, succeeding at them. I left my meeting pleased as punch that I had helped someone, period.

This example shows how a face-to-face business relationship can continue to build through the development of an online presence. I do not expect any compensation for the work done at this organization. What I do realize is this: I am building a relationship on a foundation of trust and integrity, and these are two of the most important characteristics of a long-lasting relationship, aren’t they?

Over-promising and under-delivering only lead to disappointment on behalf of both parties, seller and buyer. Try not to get caught up in this cycle because once it has begun, you may never see these clients on your doorstep again. Say what you do, and do what you say. Practice this mantra, it will build relationships that will last. Apply it in your personal life too. People want to believe in you as much as you do. Show them you are a credible source, and they will return for more.

Set yourself up a Twitter account with the intent of building some key relationships. It’s a great forum to express your thoughts and feelings about what matters the most to your business. Here you will build credibility through your Tweets. Link to information that you will know your clients will find valuable. Remember, you only have 140 characters to do so, so make it short, sweet and to the point. People don’t have an abundance of time, and they try to make the wisest choices with the time they do have. Tweet well and often, but don’t over Tweet. One to four times a day is good.

When you go to “Find People”, choose ones that you can rely on as good sources of information, ones that may stimulate your thoughts or get you writing those important articles on what you know best. Create some potential client bases, people and groups that you feel may benefit from your tweets. If you want to get funky, save that for another account under your personal file, you don’t even have to use your name!

The moral of this story is: Build your online presence by using what fits you best. Get it out there and get it going! If you are in marketing, seek out some Social Media Marketing tools that can increase your exposure. If you are into cutting edge pop culture marketing of products and services, access viral content campaigns. Do your homework. Just a small bit of research and a talk with your communications professional could set you up for success!

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