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Join NASP at in Austin, TX


Mark your calendars! As a member of the National Association of Sales Professionals, we invite you to join speakers from Oracle, Sophos, Amway and more at Enterprise Sales Training Week this March 30-April 1 in Austin, TX. Tying together best-in-class sales training and enablement strategies, this event will offer you insights from key players who are changing the landscape.

Sessions & Workshops at the summit will help you to:
* Shorten your team’s time to competency with product knowledge solutions
* Explore best practices in sales enablement to take the friction out of the sales process
* Determine the benefits of building vs. buying a sales training program
* Discover eLearning technologies to optimize sales training & development
* Learn how to build a sales training curriculum tailored to your company’s language
Don’t miss your chance to vacation while you work in beautiful Austin, TX! Register now with code ESTW16_NASP to receive 20% off the standard event rates.

We look forward to meeting you this March,
~ NASP & ETW team

P.S — Check out this exclusive interview with Scott Chamberlain, Senior Sales Training Manager at 8X8 supplies on the Onboarding Process:

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