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Jump Start Your Day, The Attitude Of Discipline Way!

Each and every day can be a jump start towards getting everything you want out of life when you incorporate an attitude of discipline.

An Attitude of Discipline is greeting each day with gratitude. When you wake up in the morning, you are granted another day closer to living your dreams. Simply waking up each day is a poignant reason to be grateful. So many people will not wake up today.

An attitude of gratefulness is a daily routine that you should embrace. Embrace an attitude of gratitude and notice how you speak differently using powerful words and how your body language greatly improves. For instance when asked how you are, what is your typical reply?

Common responses are: fine, good, ok, not bad, etc. However, with a radiant attitude of gratitude you will draw on stronger words such as: excellent, fantastic, great, etc. In addition, body language speaks louder than words. Therefore, your body language proudly highlights the jubilant words.

An attitude of gratitude becomes an attitude of discipline with practice and daily implementation. Projecting a continuous attitude of discipline will ensure you feel better about yourself and in turn, increase your self respect, self confidence and self worth. Total your attributes and you yield your net worth.

Attitude is 100% within your control. Attitude is a product of your beliefs. Your attitude is a reflection of your thoughts and self talk. You must be exceedingly aware of your daily thoughts, your internal debate and justly discipline your attitude in a precise manner.

Discipline is a commitment to the most important person in the world. It means doing what you have to do even when you do not want to do it. Discipline and attitude are 100% within your control.

By combining attitude and discipline, you acquire an attitude of discipline equal to a 200% increase in your overall performance. You are definitely on the path to living the life you so desire.

Any behavior that is recognized or rewarded gets repeated. If you recognize your tangible attitude and reward it accordingly, this progressive attitude gets repeated.

True discipline is being highly aware of your inner conversation and thoughts and rewarding yourself for that appropriate attitude. This is ultimate discipline and the gratifying attitude will be repeated time and time again.

The problem in today’s society is most people are not aware of their attitude and possess little discipline. They tend to reward themselves without cause. If you associate recognition and reward with behavior whether it is appropriate or inappropriate, it usually is repeated.

One of many daily disciplines is waking up with an attitude of gratitude. Live the life you crave by diligently working to develop an attitude of discipline. Another important daily discipline is knowing your most productive time of the day.

Once you know your most productive time of day, dedicate at least one hour of that most productive time to the most important person in the world – You?

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