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Limitless Energy

Feeding Our Minds Part 1

Like the recent movie Bradley Cooper starred in, Limitless, there definitely is a concoction that is easy to swallow when it comes to real life limitless energy and power. In the movie it was actually a pill that helped Bradley recall anything and everything he had ever looked at, researched or studied in his life and transmute that information into super powers that helped him rise to the top of any conversation, collaboration or organization. This pill gave him boundless energy physically and mentally. He could outwit any genius with his words and outmaneuver any fighter with his body. His capacity was limitless.

The pill I am about to share with you (part one in a series of four) will give you limitless energy if you follow its prescription on a consistent basis.
Many times we think we are in a ‘dry period’ in sales because of any number of reasons outside our control. The weather, the market, the uninformed buyers take much of the blame. When in reality we could have done much more to control our circumstances simply by maintaining our inner eco-system; our own minds and our own bodies.

What I am talking about is realizing that our minds and bodies are machines that can help us produce much more than we think. These four elements are not exclusive of each other but in fact, should all be part of a system that you perform on a daily basis.

What are the benefits of this magic pill upon your soon-to-be finely tuned machine?

  • Sharp, Clear Focus — Key to making a plan and then following through with the plan.
  • Boost in metabolism- Key to feeling energized and lucky
  • Strong, lean muscles — key to making great impressions that earn lasting impressions
  • Stress Management (with a possible annihilation) — key to the castle! The one with the least stress at the end of a long life wins!!!
  • Surprise Element- Only a very few know how to accomplish this final piece but it makes all the difference between a silver finish and the one with the gold!

The first element in this magic elixir is: FEEDING YOUR MIND

Use intelligence (sensory acuity), Understand your customer

When customers buy anything from you, they purchase with their emotions. It is up to you to engage those emotions so that they can relate to you as a person. People buy from people whom they like, trust and respect. How do you get people to like you? First, like yourself. There is no need to flash around credentials or last night’s exploits, just try and be comfortable in your own skin. Easier said than done, I know. Armed with this information, you can make it easier on yourself by simply being yourself and finding ways to engage people with your authenticity.

FEED YOUR MIND by reading and staying current with hot topics. This is a good way to obtain a wealth of knowledge to engage all types of people. Be curious about everything. Did you ever notice that by simply asking a question you can engage someone instantly? For instance, the typical, “How are you today?” loses its effectiveness unless you sincerely pause to listen to the answer. The conversation has the possibility to go anywhere from there because you are completely engaged and can pick up on subtleties that others might miss.

For instance, use sensory acuity. After the initial pleasantries, I might have subtly or blatantly shared with a salesperson that I am in a hurry. If that is the case, I don’t need someone taking their time sharing every detail of an item with me. At the very least, acknowledge my limited time and do your best to comply with my time constraints. These are things one can pick up on in the initial “How are you”.

Understanding your customer: Don’t think every individual is the same. Study your clientele. Understand that every customer has a need that you must fulfill before they may possibly buy. They will leave you clues if you are tuned in. Initially we said that customers need to like, trust and respect you. There is a predominant modality that they are looking for. Finding ways to cover all three areas is a great start to building a relationship with your customer.

FEED YOUR MIND with classical music, understand humor by watching and listening to some of the great humorists and comedienne’s and in all things controversial, try and keep an open mind. It is easier to relate to someone with a sense of humor and an easy going nature. Understanding that you become what you feed yourself, mind and body, is a powerful anecdote for success.

Lastly, FEED YOUR MIND possibility in everything. If I wake each day with an expectation of surprise around every corner, others are drawn to my excitement. Some people call this an ‘energy’. It is a contagious charisma that others can’t help but be drawn to. Everyone you come in contact with can see your exuberance and they want to be a part of it. They want to know what you know. They want to tap into your reservoir of joy. Believe me, when you are around that kind of energy, you remember it and want to return to it.

  1. Read something or listen to something that puts you in a mental state of possibility.
  2. Read your visions or goals daily. Your unconscious needs this target to continue to move you in that direction in ways that are hidden to the conscious mind.
  3. Listen to music daily that creates enthusiasm and supports you focusing on the things that keep you inspired and out of stress.
  4. Accomplish a ‘to-do’ and celebrate that accomplishment to build momentum and to develop a can-do attitude.
  5. Coach someone in some way on taking their life, career, etc. to the next level. The most powerful way to grow and be accountable to growing is to help someone else.

This is the first step to developing limitless energy, focus and power. Stay tuned for the next 3 secrets. Did you know you just expanded your capacity for possibility in anything simply by reading this article? You are tapping in to your hidden powers already! Keep the momentum!!!

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