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Feeding Our Bodies Part 2

Feeding Our Bodies

Did you ever take the time to break your day down to productive times, those not so productive times and those just plain, “I might as well go home now” times?
Some of us prioritize our days by knowing our productive cycle. For instance, I used to start my day with writing because I knew my energy level was higher in the morning than it was in the latter part of the day. I would relegate my “busy” chores for the mid afternoon when I was feeling a slump in my energy. Bradley Cooper, in the movie ‘Limitless’, was able to feel the power all day long, until he finished the project or he had his next “pill”.

The first pill in our series (of four) was FEEDING OUR MINDS. The pill I am about to share with you is FEEDING OUR BODIES.

We all have a pretty good idea of what to give ourselves to give us that extra little push in the day. Sometimes it involves coffee or tea, a sugary high or any number of legal “drugs” that relax us, give us a boost of energy or carry us through to quitting time. But those pseudo-boosts can eventually take their toll on our bodies. We aren’t giving our body what it needs for the long haul.

I can tell you what you need to start feeding your body for exceptional energy but I first need to give you a warning. Most everything we eat has some kind of sugar in it. This is what has produced a nation of obese people, hyperactive children and major lethargy. As a nation, we are addicted to sugar. And it’s a hard habit to break. If you are part of the wide-spread addiction like so many, my suggestion would be to slowly wean yourself from the drug. Since it is so insidious in our diets, it is going to take some time to make the transition to healthier choices. I guarantee you will feel 100% more focused and energetic once you have weaned yourself from the substance and replaced it with tremendous energy boosting snacks such as nuts and dried fruits. You won’t believe how you feel once you are free of this energy-sucking menace! Also remember that alcohol is loaded with phosphates and sugar. Not that anyone would be drinking on the job but the day-after effects are sinister and can upset a perfectly productive day with water retention, headaches and lethargy.

Water is by far one of the best brain lubricants you can give yourself! Smart water, Fiji water and Penta water are especially oxidizing and nutritious in the way that it rids your body of nasty toxins. Try and drink at least 1-8oz glass of water every hour for the 10-12 hours you are in full gear. The formula is to drink half of your weight each day. For instance, if I weigh 140 pounds, I would drink 70 ozs each day or close to 9 glasses of water.

These two hints alone would be enough to propel you half-way to the moon each day but couple these hints with energy boosting power bars, power drinks (Verve is an exceptional drink!) and plenty of nuts and dried fruits and you’ve got another 25% of the magic elixir of power. Wherever and whenever you can, fortify yourself through organic means. Farmer’s markets and our grocer’s organic sections are veritable gold mines for our wanting bodies. Once you make the commitment, you will find that your body craves this goodness and repels the evils our bodies once found addictive. Make sure you are making the healthy replacements as you eliminate the bad ones one by one. Take small steps to gain BIG and manageable rewards. Bon appetit!

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