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Tailor Separate Views Of Your Company To Different Audiences

As other social media sites continue to grab headlines, LinkedIn thrives just fine under the radar. In fact, it is becoming more useful and more focused as the diddlers and dabblers head off to prettier pastures. The community is respectable and respectful. LinkedIn’s users are professional while being eager to help; actually the network is set up such that the more you help others the better you rank. And while the various apps like Amazon Reading List and Slideshare can showcase a rounder vision of you personally to the community, it is the flexibility within the Company Pages that enables you to share the whole story.

More than just an overview of your company, LinkedIn will allow you to offer different line-ups of your products and services to whichever audience you specify.

How cool is that?

Your Company Page

Start by clicking on company and then add a company. You complete the overview section, with your logo and a brief, but keyword-rich description of the services your company provides. The number of employees, your website url, your industry and your operating status need to be entered next. You can allow all of your employees to have admin status for the page content – which means that they can then edit, upload or delete company status updates. You will need to add yourself as the first administrator and you need to be connected to anyone else that you make an admin for the page. The company description is what viewers will see first, and lower down you can also add special services and your company feed as well. An analytical section will show you the number of pages views and unique visitors.

Add Products and Services

Add products and service, with descriptions, photos and a url so that people can explore where to find more information – like where to sign up or buy it! Sales reps for that particular product can be identified here as can related videos currently housed on YouTube. The more you tell people about your products and services the closer they get to becoming customers.


Each product and service can then be added to the Portfolio section. Here’s where you can add another YouTube video and up to 3 banner images. LinkedIn recommends that you change out these banner images regularly to keep the page fresh. Remember to always click “Publish” to lock in your changes. Users can now review, recommend and share your products and services with their own networks. The viral magic begins!

Multiple Views of Your Company Page For Different Audiences

Once you have completed the Products and Services section fully, you can change up the order of what people see by identifying a specific audience. Start with the Admin Tools under the ‘Products and Services’ tab and then click on ‘Create New Audience’.

This new audience can be narrowed down by geography, company size, seniority of employee and industry, among others. The advantage here is enormous if you are a local business, obviously! You then get to add new banners, new videos just for this audience. Supposing you serve two distinctly different groups of people, now you can laser in on first one and then the other. The possibilities are highly targeted and will likely bring you considerably stronger results. LinkedIn not only wants to be the social media site for business, it is empowering businesses to tell the most laser-focused message currently available. Oh, and did I mention that is a free service?

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