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Make Yourself a Sales Natural in 3 Easy Steps

3 easy ways to establish yourself as a sales leader and trusted partner in your industry

3 Tips to Make Yourself a Sales Natural

1. Develop a passion by educating yourself. I was already passionate about my product, but to have a natural conviction I needed to develop a passion industry.
* Sign up for 2-3 leading trade journals or industry publications and actually read them.
* Don’t underestimate the value of PBS specials, documentaries, and industry reports.

By absorbing as much information as I could about the electric utility space, I quickly realized how incredibly important the work was that my prospective clients were doing. It made the sale more meaningful. When you speak for a place of genuine care, the conversation is going to be more real.

2. Stay in touch with the industry. The easiest way to do this is by signing up 1-3 Google Alerts and be aware of industry trends and important stories.
* Visit
* Enter a buzzword like “electric utility”
* Select once a week, United States (or your country of choice)

Now you have both important industry information as well as potential leads being delivered to your inbox once a week!

3. Use each sales conversation to better understand future sales conversations. Be honest, how often has a client said something over the phone that you didn’t understand or mentioned a competitor that you weren’t aware of. Don’t let those opportunities pass you by.

My #1 tool was to simply say – You just mentioned X, can you help me better understand what that means? You would be amazed at the flood of information that people are willing to provide.

I hope these 3 key tips are ones that you can implement TODAY. They are all very simple to apply so don’t wait, sign up for those publications & alerts right now and start making the most of each call!

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