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Market To Them Until They Buy Or Until They Die

Market To Them Until They Buy Or Until They Die: Your prospects are inundated with an estimated 2400 to 3000 advertising messages each day. No wonder it’s hard to get their attention. The old adage is true: “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.”

For those too young to understand that old adage, it refers to when the settlers were crossing the wilderness in their covered wagons. The wheels to the wagons needed constantly greased to run smoothly. The only way the settler knew when to add grease was when the wheel squeaked. And to save time and the cost of the grease they only greased the wheel that squeaked.

To get your prospect’s attention amidst all your competition you must be the squeaky wheel.

Rule # 1 of Contacting Prospects

Perfect Prospect: Of course you are going to greet and try your best to sell your products and services to every prospect that comes through your front door, (or gets in touch with you in any manner. But only attempt to do extra or as I like to say, marketing outside of my normal aggressive marketing plan, to your Perfect Prospect. Your Perfect Prospect is the prospect that you can make the most money from and is most apt to purchase your products and services. the prospect that needs your products and services to solve a problem for them, that you can market to with the least amount of cost (time and money).

For example an automobile sales professional will greet and try to sell to everyone that comes on the lot, but he is wasting his time if he continually contacts, by telephone, email, fax, etc… a person he knows does not have the money or credit to purchase a automobile.

A simple exercise to determine your perfect prospect:
Make a list of every quality you want your customer/client to possess and any circumstances surrounding that customer/client (such as distance and time of travel). Make it as long and detailed as you can.

Here is a sample of the qualities your list might include. Customize the list for your particular type and size of business.

  1. Age
  2. Business type product/service
  3. Income
  4. Education
  5. Place of business
  6. Number of employees
  7. Need for my
  8. Ability to pay
  9. Competition

Make the list as long and exact as you can with at least 20 items.

Now go back through your list and delete any qualities you feel are unrealistic for your targeted market.

Every time you vary from the list, which you will have to because sometimes your perfect prospect may not exist, you will have to work harder, spend more money, and enjoy working less with the prospect. But, the closer and more often you can stay to your perfect prospect the more profitable and happy you will be.

Rule # 2 of Contacting Prospects

Contact your prospect with value: You can contact your prospect as often as you like, as long as you are giving them information that will improve their business or their live. 90% of what your prospect receives from you must be of value and not a sales pitch. Look for items in newspapers and magazines that will be of interest to them. Things about their industry, their competition and about them. Send holiday and personal greeting cards, cartoons about their interest, competition’s advertisements and offers, your and other’s newsletters, and tips that will help them solve their needs and problems. People are attracted to those they like, and they like those who help them and show concern for them.

Rule # 3 of Contacting Prospects

Market to them until they Buy or until they Die: If they are your Perfect Prospect, it does not make sense to stop marketing to them. Once you start investing your money and time, keep investing, unless you discover you made a mistake and they are not your perfect prospect. And don’t feel bad about yourself when that happens, because it will. You cannot be flawless in determining each prospect to be your Perfect Prospect.

Your prospects will not tell you to stop sending them information if the information is of value to them. And if they do tell you to stop, don’t. Telephone them and ask them what type of materials or what specifically you can send them that will be of value to them.

Rule # 4 rule of Contacting Prospects

I know I said there were 3, but the 4th rule is Give them more than they expect: It is so competitive in today’s markets that merely delivering what you promised is no longer enough. You must deliver more than the prospect expects.

It is not rocket science and it is not brain surgery. It is rather simple:

  1. Perfect Prospect: Only attempt to market to your Perfect Prospect
  2. Contact your prospect with value
  3. Market to them until they Buy or until they Die
  4. Give them more than they expect

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