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Nail Your Next Interview

You may already have your dream job. You may be reading this blog because you want to be prepared for future opportunities. Or you may be on the market for your dream role right now. Whatever your current situation, these five tips to nailing your interview will prepare you for your next level opportunity.


Interview Tip #1 – Immediately Put Your Interviewer At Ease! 

Before the meeting, do your research and try to find something you have in common with the interviewer. Did you go to the same university or do you share a favorite hobby? It puts people at ease when they believe you share common interests. At the beginning of the meeting, make sure you are confident and share a strong handshake and a warm smile. 

Interview Tip #2 – Make Your Interviewer the Hero!

To make your interviewer feel like a hero, you must first let them know you understand how important they are and that you appreciate the time they are giving you. Let them know you’ve done your research and see how you will fit in with the company culture. You understand that it’s not just about individual achievements; it’s about how you can add value to the company as a whole and support them in achieving their vision.


Interview Top #3 – Create the Conversation!

Before you come to the interview, you must have some understanding of ways you can bring value to the role and the organization. Create a conversation around those value points. Prepare and share examples of how you’ve brought value in similar situations. They want to know you’re interested in a compelling future or growth path with the company.


Interview Tip #4 – Fill the Need!

As you have researched the company and the role, you learned what the organization values. Convey that you are attentive to the details and understand the effort involved in what they do and your potential position. Interviewers like when you ask good questions and are eager to know how you can advance in the company or your position in the future. Let them know how you can make an impact and support the vision. They need to know you will add value to the team and the company.


Interview Tip #5 – Leave a Lasting Impression!

Get creative and find some unique information you can pass along with your thank you email. For example, if you learned that your interviewer respects the philanthropic work of Warren Buffett, find a recent article about Buffett. After you thank them for the interview, reference the attached article and let them know you thought they might find the article interesting.



Getting the interview for your next level opportunity is a great first step! By taking these tips and suggestions into account, you will be more effective and able to stand out in the crowd of candidates. 


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