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National Sales Conference 2019

National Sales Conference 2019

This week I went to the National Sales Conference. I love a gathering of like-minded souls where you can share and discuss all aspects of our wonderful profession. Even when someone has a totally different approach or way of thinking you can still relate and connect in a meaningful way.

Is this because we are all good at stepping into our customers’ shoes and relating to perspectives that are not our own…so find it easy to communicate whatever the perspective? Or maybe we all relate to each other at a deeper level because we all love to serve others? To be honest I’m not sure it matters…it’s just great to connect with friends old and new.

My highlights from the show…

– Discipline and regret are both painful but if you don’t embrace the pain of discipline you will endure the pain of regret.
Sandro Forte

– The inability to articulate the unique business value to clients is the main cause of 48% of sales people missing their target last year and the prediction this year is 57% will miss target.
Jim Preston, Sales Director, Showpad

– Culture eats strategy for breakfast.
Jim Preston, Sales Director, Showpad

– Tiktok is a new social media platform dedicated to making the world a better place.
Henry Rose Lee

– Have 4 potential prospects in your pipeline that would deliver 50% of your annual sales target.
Richard Langham

– When faced with a challenge we don’t rise to the occasion…we fall to the level of our training.
Jim Steele

– Focus on CANI — constant and never-ending improvement.
Anna Hemmings MBE, British World Kayak Champion

– You choose your attitude.
Anna Hemmings MBE, British World Kayak Champion

– Vulnerability leads to greatness.
Drewe Broughton, former professional footballer

– Kill the deals in your pipeline that haven’t moved for a while and fill it with fresh opportunities.
Nicci Take

– Helping others adds value to our own existence.
Chris Moon MBE, Former Soldier, amputee, marathon runner

My biggest highlight of the 2 days was talking with delegates and speakers…hearing their stories, discussing challenges and sharing dreams for the future. I felt totally refuelled on my journey home and am already looking forward to the next one!

Until next time,

Leigh 🙂

PS Next years National Sales Conference is 24/25 November!

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