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Nervous in first prospecting

Nervous in first prospecting: last day i go to toyota corporation in my city, this is my first prospecting , i came to mrs yoenda and i talk to him i want meet mr rasidi IT leader in toyota corporation. mrs yoenda try call mr rasidi but mr rasidi not in her office,, so mrs yoenda tell to me , i will meet mr joezli general affair staff change mr rasidi.

so i go to the mr joezli office, after i came , mr joezli very welcome to me and say plis sitdown,
i saw mr joezli very busy so make me nervous because i feel i disturb him.

firstly i ask mr joezli about him self, i ask mr joezli how long you work in toyota,
he say i work in toyota since 1998 until now. first in toyota i am a sales excutive and now i general affair leader say him. i very apreciate listen him tell about the story.

until he ask me about my job, i answer i work in lintasarta, lintasarta is telecomunication data system provider in indonesia.

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