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New point events added for articles and social media sites


We’re always looking for ways to award points for good deeds done, and today we found a couple new ones…

If you post one of our articles to your Facebook timeline using our Recommend button, or post it to Twitter using our Tweet button (both appear at the end of each article) you earn points and the author will be notified that someone shared their article. It’s only fair to let them know someone likes what they wrote.

Second, and even fancier…when you post that recommendation to your Facebook timeline and someone (anyone…doesn’t have to be an NASP member…but it can’t be you) clicks on that Facebook post to view the article, you earn even more points. The author of that article will be notified someone viewed their article as a direct result of a Facebook recommendation. (As of today, this follow-back point awarding only works with Facebook)

It’s still a win-win all around. Try it out and start racking up those points!

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