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Notification preferences added to member profile


We know how cluttered your inbox can get these days, and we’d rather be part of the solution than the problem, so we’ve created a “Notifications/Preferences” page under your “My Profile” menu. When you click on that link, you’ll see two tabs…

The “Notifications” tab is where you can view a list of all activities on the site we think are nice to notify you about such as when someone accepts your contact request, or when someone likes/comments on an article you wrote. This list is updated in real-time immediately as those events happen.

The “Preferences” tab list all the possible activities and allows you to choose whether or not you want to be notified only on the site (the Notifications tab area) which is always done, or also via email. Maybe there are some events you do want via email and some you don’t. No problem. Check the boxes in the Email column only for the events you want to receive an email for.

Clutter problem solved.

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