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On-Boarding Net Promoters

How To Move Your Clients from the “Foyer” to “Living Room” in 90 Days.

On-Boarding Net Promoters: One of the most important things any business can create and boast about are clients and customers who are actively promoting, referring, and advocating for them in the marketplace. For some business owners, CEOs, and entrepreneurs this is the single greatest compliment that can be given. The Net Promoter Score is a measuring tool that businesses use to gauge where they are in client or customer satisfaction compared to their competition. Where do you think these types of customers or clients are found? Do you believe that they are created or simply decide one day to become a true net promoter of you and your business? If you were to scrub your current client base right now, would you be able to identify those Net Promoters currently on your roster? It’s really not as easy as one might think but we make it so much harder on ourselves by not formally and properly on-boarding each and everyone of our clients.

Leading research such as that found on will suggest that business growth and performance indicators are tied directly to the net promoter score. It has become a measuring stick for industries, businesses, and entrepreneurs to judge their position in the market in comparison to that of their competitors. Whether you are looking for immediate results or faster growth, this concept will be vital to understanding and scoring your clients and customers overall experience with you during their journey.

My mentor and personal coach Micheal Burt challenged me to create one of the most “engaged” client operation strategies in the business market today and I believe that this is one of those BIG ROCKS that will help companies, businesses, and entrepreneurs move the needle in their profit margins and customer profile growth. Let’s begin by describing the Four Types of Clients and Customers each business have and attract.

Passives: These are your customers who are satisfied with you but are not showing enthusiasm. This ultimately makes them susceptible to competitive offerings.
Detractors: These customers are unhappy and will impede your company growth and tarnish your reputation through “bad press” and negative word-of-mouth.
Promoters: Loyal clients and customers who will consistently purchase from you and show enthusiasm by referring others to you.
Advocates: The most important client any business will look to obtain. These customers are actively in the marketplace fighting for you, defending you, and more importantly “selling” for you to everyone they know, come into contact with, or inquire about your service, product, or business.
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Now that you have identified your client base and categorized who your Passives, Promoters, Advocates, and Detractors are let’s breakdown the 90 day path to get your Net Promoter Score on-boarded and on point to where you need it to be for business sustainability and ultimate client engagement success. Those that are in your FOYER right now have bought your product but still aren’t convinced the purchase was right and if you are a right fit for them to do business with. I call this the “Over-Coat Theory” where the individual has entered the room but is unsure of their surroundings so comfort tells them to leave their overcoat on because they don’t plan on staying very long. More importantly here, they are closed off and somewhat distant from what is going on around them. At this point in the client relationship, your operations team should be on-boarding them through five specific touch points.

Immediate phone conversation to thank them and introduce yourself as their personal contact for any issues, concerns, and help with the product or service that they just purchased. This is going to be the beginning of taking the “coats” off your clients and begin making them feel welcomed and comfortable.
Schedule an in person, online, or over-the-phone tutorial of the product or service that they purchased. This is eliminating the term “service” from your vocabulary and adding “engagement” to your list of services. You are now beginning to create a credible accountability mechanism while building a relationship with your customer.
Initiate a “value driven” rapport with your client. This is where you will create a reciprocating conversation with them through in depth questions like, What are your expectations from your purchase? What was your motivation in making this purchase? How can I help these things come to fruition for you? You are gaining value from your client because you initiated value through deeper and meaningful engagement questions.
Create a Follow-Up system with them that will consist of specific dates and times for phone calls, quality assurance emails, and content driven messages that will ensure a high level experience with you and your company along with that of the good or service that they purchased. Tools that I use here are (Constant Contact, EZ Text, and Cisco WebEx). I suggest that you look to schedule these 4 weeks in advance to show your commitment to them and provide a professional touch.
Ask for the referrals. If you have followed this process you should be able to successfully move your new clients from the FOYER (Passive) stage to the LIVING ROOM (Net Promoter) stage. By asking for the referrals you are getting first class feedback from you client and will add more business to the bottom line because these referrals will be Passives already.
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When you move your customers to the “Living Room” you have begun to build reputational capital with them and have walked with them back into their comfort zone. At this point the “overcoats” have been taken off and you are now engaged with them at much deeper and relationally profitable level. You are now well on your way to building an advocate because you have put in the time they didn’t expect and created an experience that they simply can’t ignore. This will not be easy and will require a level of dedication and consistency that only the elite companies, brands, businesses, and entrepreneurs possess. What will be easy is seeing that the way to increase your net promoter score and retaining those clients you worked so hard to get is dedicating your next 90 days to move them from your FOYER to your LIVING ROOM. Go to work right now on your current client list and identify those that are still in your FOYER and begin moving them to your LIVING ROOM. Your new clients will appreciate this because the FOYER won’t be so crowded.

About The Author: Matt Crane is the Director for the Client Engagement and Operations Divisions for Micheal Burt Enterprises. Matt is establishing his claim as one of the most trustworthy leaders in the Client Engagement Marketplace and can be heard on Itunes, Sticher, and Podcast Republic as featured Guest on Good Coach/Bad Coach, Talent Supply, and Super Coach ( Matt is a Millennial Thought Leader and is considered one of the Top Millennial Social Media Influences. He delivers daily content on Periscope, Facebook Live, and Twitter. He can be followed on social media @IamMattCrane. Contact Matt via [email protected] or call direct 855–330–4277 ext. 103. Be sure to for more training and FREE coaching content.

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