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“Optimise Your Business!” Very Special One-Day Event.

“Optimise Your Business!”

There’s a very special one-day event going on June 13th in London that I recommend you take a look at to help your business.

It’s being run by two very good friends of mine, Shaa Wasmund and Mark Attwood and I will be making a guest appearance!

Shaa, as you probably already know, is the founder of and the best-selling author of “Stop Talking, Start Doing”.

Shaa is a truly inspirational entrepreneur and speaker and knows exactly what businesses need, from start ups to companies like Dyson!

Mark has generated nearly £40 million for his own business, PAL Hire, using his own internet marketing techniques.

He’s been working online since 1996, and really knows his onions.

But, the best thing about Mark is his ability to explain something technical in a really down to earth way that cuts through all the bull.

Shaa and Mark did a webinar recently called “Top 6 Tips to Optimise Your Business”, which is available for a short time to listen to here:

I highly recommend you take a listen to the webinar and consider attending the event on the 13th — it’s a one-off, a great chance to network and I know the knowledge and insights you will gain will benefit your business including sales success!

As my gift to you, enter the discount code ‘leigh’ and you will receive your tickets for £67 instead of £197!

For more details about the event click here

I look forward to seeing you there!


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